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Saturday, 21 July 2012

More from New England

Have been home for a week now and my feet don't seem to have touched the ground.
I'm sitting here babysitting my little Abi. She's tucked up in bed while mummy and daddy have a night at the cinema and I'm looking through iPad at my photo's of my trip to New England and realize their is so much I didn't show or tell you I really did cram in an awful lot.
I drove across from Burlington to Maine via the white mountains of New Hampshire. Stunningly beautiful.

I have happy memories of here -Crawford Notch where DH and I hiked in 2000.

Another covered bridge near North Conway NH

I visited the shaker village at Sabbathday Lake

No visit to Maine is complete with out visiting L.L.Bean

A fantastic day at the Maine Botanical Gardens

I meet this bullfrog I did think of kissing him with the vain hope he might turn into a prince.

Had to go to Pickity Place in Mason New Hampshire where this house was used in the illustrations of Little Red Riding Hood.

I had meet up with my friend Suzanne for this overnight part of my trip. We had a super lunch here and wandered round the herb garden.

Oh grandma what big eyes you have and a nice quilt too.

Then their was a day at Old Sturbridge Village

Some nice quilts to be seen here. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Sturbridge and seeing how they lived back in the 1830's.
And lots lots more. How I love New England, pretty sure I might have been a New Englander in a previous life.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


After my overnight flight home I arrived to find a text from my son to say he would be waiting outside for me. Their I was expecting to wait two hours for a bus then another two on it to finish the last leg of my journey . What a nice surprise that was. I guess he was as pleased to see me as I was him.
I was wondering what to expect when I opened my case because when I picked it off the conveyor belt I noticed the coloured strap I had secured it with had disappeared. Who's been in my case ? I found the strap cut right through tucked in the front zip compartment with a little note from American Security Administration to say they had inspected my luggage. Hope they had a nice surprise!!!!!
So I know your all dying to see what I bought well the pictures tell all.

All the dealer could tell me was that he bought it in Florida.
I don't think it would have been originally made there but imagine it was made further north.

The dealer told me this one was from Ohio but no real provenience with it.
Hope you enjoy the eye candy.
I should add that I know TSA are only doing their job to protect us all.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Well I have spent two days at the Brimfield Antique show. It was hot tiring and just unbelievable what was for sale.
So let me give you a little taste of what it's all about.Don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge.

Elvis is here alive and well and thought I might buy him to serenade me or get me all shook up and as for that Marilyn she stepped on that subway grill again!

Who want's a crocodile?

Or get my kicks on R---- 66

Wouldn't this look great outside your door at Chrismas.

Button's good enough to eat.

Now this I would like after a little restoration with a horse attached a quilt over my lap and riding through the woods on a snowy night.

Fancy buying yourself a hot dog stand. Great cross hatching pattern.

Not sure if this is keeping the engine warm or the cab cool.

Of course lots of these
Did I succumb. Well I am definitely had weak willed stamped across my forehead.
Your going to have to wait and see my treasures another time.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hendricks Hill Museum

One of my last outings from Boothbay was over the bridge to Southport where I found this small community museum open.

Upstairs in the bedroom I found some quilts not displayed very well but I could get a close look even though they were folded. The pink sashed basket quilt looked in good order.

The crib quilts were nice too with the last one being made out of cheater cloth.

Then their was this one I think it was a Linsey woolsey but since I have never seen one in the flesh before I will stand to be corrected.

Sewing ephemera on the wall.
This is a nice little museum with plenty to keep the men interested too and all they ask is for a donation.

My last lobster dinner was here overlooking the wharf where small lobster men were unloading their catch and it was being taken straight into the kitchen. You can't get much fresher than that and it did taste good

Goodbye Boothbay I had a wonderful relaxing time and ate very well indeed.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Special Find

Took a little trip out yesterday to Litchfield, was about an hour drive from Boothbay and if I hadn't had Mrs TT with me I would never have found the Busy Thimble.

What a gem of a place, stuffed to the gunnels with every repro imaginable.
I had a wonderful couple of hours here and realized after a while that I had been following Cindi's blog for quite a while.
She dosen't have a web site but does have a blog called Busy Thimble. I can't seem to link you to it from the iPad but am sure your find it through a search engine.

Lots of Jo Morton fabric here.

Pretty sure if your looking for that elusive piece of fabric that you need to finish your quilt. I'll put money on it that Cindy has it.
I so loved this shop I even offered to be her assistant and she wouldn't even have to pay me. Only one slight problem I live on the other side of the pond and that would make the daily commute difficult.
Needless to say I did make a purchase or two and even went back again today to top up.
Thanks Cindi it was great sharing quilt talk. You have a wonderful shop.

Just been our for a last stroll around before I head south and I came across another British phone box that seems to have beamed down from across the shore.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Vermont Quilt Festival 2

More photo's from VQF

Nice repro's in this quilt

Loved this one too

How about this tiny basket quilt.

Traveling around the backroads of the Boothbay area today I came across this.

Just couldn't believe how an English telephone box found it's way across the ocean. No phone inside so SEW-NO PHONE HOME!