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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Welsh Trip Part Two

After my visit to The Minerva Centre in Llanidiloes a few weeks back I did go on to Lampeter to see Jen Jone's latest Exhibition

Another lovely Exhibition entitled A Quilted Bridge- The Amish- Welsh Connection.
Lots of lovely Welsh wool quilts and lots of Amish Quilts . I  could only take photo's of the Welsh ones  as the Amish ones were on loan from the American Museum in Bath and they didn't want their quilts photographed. Shame It might just entice visitors who haven't seen  their collection to pay them a visit. Hey Ho rules are rules.

Although I have seen lots of  Jen's collection before  in books  and at the museum its so nice to revisit and get up close and personal. Their was one I hadn't seen before a simple square patch wool set on point in the darkest richest purple and cream - absolutely gorgeous.

If  you get the chance to go to see this Exhibition . GO

It was a year ago on Tuesday that DH passed away. My darling son decided to take the day off work and spend it with me. With Abi we headed off  to Slimbridge  DH would have  so enjoyed  it. For once this week the sun shone and were able to remember happier times of  just sitting watching  the birds flying in and out something he found very calming.

Leaving you today with the little person who has filled my life with joy again. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Festival Of Quilts Part 2

Second posting of the Festival Of Quilts.

This fist one is an antique quilt from Pam and Nicky Linton. They have a new book out  and have  have taken an old quilt and reproduced it from a jelly roll. Its called Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts.

Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Festival of Quilts Part One

Last weekend was the Festival of Quilts at Birmingham and look who I meet up with again- Virginia - Sorry we seem a bit streaky not sure what has happened here. I deleted the previous one as we were completely green.

I also bumped into Shirley Slow off the mark I didn't get anyone to take a photo of us and of course I meet up with PIC Sue but no photo of her either.
Lots of lovely quilts so here goes with some of my favourites.
I can't tell you who's they are as you have to have a catalouge so see that sort of detail.

Nice Dear Jane

Great Hexagon

Lovely Red and White Applique

Nice Hawaian

More to follow in a few days.
P.S. have just found out through Shirley's blog that the above one is from Cowslip Workshops. I promise you I didn't know. Quilting was amazing on it.  Love it Team Cowslip. 

Monday, 13 August 2012

2012 Welsh Road Trip

Mery and I set off last Thursday on our little road trip to Wales. First port of call was the Minerva Art Centre to see Pippa Moss'scollection of quilts. A very nice collection of quilts they were too. After a three hour drive through hills and valleys we came to Llanidiloes where the art centre is and this a taster of what I saw.
Gorgeous scenery

This is just a few of Pippa's wonderful collection. So many people were enjoying them the day I was there. Thank you Pippa for exhibiting them.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Raffle Quilt

Partner in crime and I got together yesterday to start putting our Shipton Charity Quilt together.
Members of the group put together two blocks each. It's a Lori Smith pattern which she gave us permission to copy and reproduce. It's called Honouring our Quilting Heritage.
Sue bought donuts to help us through the day and I'm thankful that my sewing machine is in it's cabinet upstairs as I had to keep running up and down sewing my pieces together therefore justifying eating two of them. She had probably run about three miles that morning to justify her's. She's younger than me and looks better in lycra than I do!

It's going together nicely with a bit of easing here and there.
Setting triangles and border have yet to be decided on but we wanted to get the basics of it together before the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham next week so we can look for suitable fabric.
This will be our raffle quilt for our 2014 exhibition which I know is a long way off but as we all know time flys.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Vanessa Abuthnott

What is it about fabric. Quilting or furnishing I just can't help myself when I see any type of it.
Last weekend Vanessa Abuthnott had her lovely fabric sale and I adore her fabrics. She only buys certified organic cotton which is combined with eco-friendly flax to create her unique linen union.
Vanessa Abuthnott
I'm still working at making my house a home and have used her fabric in my sitting room for curtains and cushions.

I bought some lovely remnants from her last weekend and in due course be making more cushions and soft furnishing for the house.

It's a year this weekend that I moved here and you would think by now I would be nearly there but some areas I'm not completely happy with and have now changed my mind on my bedroom.
I found myself buying some of Vanessa new Swedish range to make blinds, headboard and fabric to cover a stool and chair.
Am I glad I hadn't started a new quilt for my bed as the colours have now changed.

Once again this isn't a quilty post but I know how you all love fabric.

So this is what I have chosen for my bedroom and as Shirley at said a girls allowed to change her mind.