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Saturday, 21 March 2015

International Quilting Day

Today is International Quilting day. So what do you do you make a mini quilt which is what I have done. 

Whilst clearing up in my sewing room I found these left over nine patches and these is how I used them. A little hand quilting project. Yeah I'm sure I can manage that !!!! 

I had a real good sort out and clear up in my sewing room, it felt so good to put the vacum cleaner over the floor and as the sun was shining through the window I even cleaned that. So I had better show you the hub before it gets all messed up again lol.

My quilt books and cutting area. 
My little goodies area.

Yes this is the stash!!!  Will I ever get through it??? Probably not but it is nice to have it for when you need that right little piece of fabric. 
TV to watch or listen to while I work and the computer on standby. 
I worked quite late finishing my tidy up ( well it was past midnight) and couldn't find Mery. I checked all round the house and finally found she had given up on me and taken to my bed. 

It's a dogs life here!