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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Pour l'Amour du Fil 2015

Well its certainly been a while since I lasted posted. Life has been a bit on the hectic side but have found a slot to write this post.
My trip to Nantes was hugely successful apart from the night before when I discovered my car wouldn't start. The AA man arrived late evening and run lost of diagnostics from his computer and couldn't find out what was wrong. Gone are the days when they just lifted the bonnet and pushed and pulled a few things. After some time it was decided the car should be towed to the  garage where the keys were left for them. Fortunately Sue had driven up from Cornwall that evening and we were able to set off at 6.30am for the airport in her car. Before I go any further I will tell you now I had a phone call  in France that afternoon from VW to say they had found the fault. Wait for it !!  I had put petrol in my diesel car!
 Duh big Duh I think the diesel pump swapped places with the petrol. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. As you can imagine I came back  to a large bill!!!
Well Nantes was great and will now show you lots of eye candy.
 Bill Volckening's New York Beauty quilts were just wonderful.

Of course I had to have my photo with Bill

Then it was time to find Irene Blancks booth. what lovely fresh quilts Irene makes and she now has a book out with Quiltmania
so these were the two books that came home with me. Bill's is a little on the weighty side and not for bedtime reading and makes a nice addition to my coffee stool.

The weather was wonderful in Nantes and as usual meet up with lots of friends from around the world. We have such a good time when we meet up with these like minds . Randi, Ellen Sue, Sylvia, Irene and myself had dinner together in the evenings but without Irene one of them as she was at the Quiltmania reception.

I will try to get posting some more from this trip in the next few days but with Quilts UK coming up who can tell.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Quick Post

I spent a happy time away at Easter and visited Berrington Hall where they had costumes on display from the BBC drama's Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice  and Mansfield Park.
Absolutely gorgeous costumes and I was surprised how short Hugh Grant must be as I'm 5 foot nothing and the model with his costume on  wasn't much taller than me.
Here a few snapshots of the day.

This is Hugh Grants costume

The following dresses were behind a glass screen as they  are original dresses from the period. Just look at those early cotton prints, very pretty and feminine. 

These ones are of the butlers room and the laundry

Finally a little progress on my Di Ford Sutton Grange quilt. I decided not to make the applique jockey cap blocks but to make these  broken dishes instead. 
Much faster for me as I do enjoy piecing. 
Hopefully I will have some more eye candy from Nantes to post next week. 
Until then. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

International Quilting Day

Today is International Quilting day. So what do you do you make a mini quilt which is what I have done. 

Whilst clearing up in my sewing room I found these left over nine patches and these is how I used them. A little hand quilting project. Yeah I'm sure I can manage that !!!! 

I had a real good sort out and clear up in my sewing room, it felt so good to put the vacum cleaner over the floor and as the sun was shining through the window I even cleaned that. So I had better show you the hub before it gets all messed up again lol.

My quilt books and cutting area. 
My little goodies area.

Yes this is the stash!!!  Will I ever get through it??? Probably not but it is nice to have it for when you need that right little piece of fabric. 
TV to watch or listen to while I work and the computer on standby. 
I worked quite late finishing my tidy up ( well it was past midnight) and couldn't find Mery. I checked all round the house and finally found she had given up on me and taken to my bed. 

It's a dogs life here! 


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Abigail Rose Quilt

I've actually got around to some sewing on Abigail's quilt but have run out of the light background fabric.
Thank goodness for the Internet and have had a lovely afternoon searching and eyeying up lots of gorgeous fabrics but I have stuck to my guns and only bought what I need. Wow what's wrong with me!!!!!
I have hexagons to make whilst I'm waiting for the fabric to arrive. I've been making this quilt up as I go along and still don't have a clear vision of the finished quilt. I'm just going with the flow and where my heart takes me with this. 

Lots of hexagons to be made but I enjoy making these whilst sitting by the fire in the evenings with a good film on. 

Hoping your all staying warm and getting lots of sewing done. 


Monday, 2 February 2015

At Last

Yes as last I'm back, January I was full of cold for most of the time but my head is now clear and sewing has commenced again. 
So what have been up too, well I finished Max's quilt and when he's big enough for his cot bed it will be ready for him.

Then I finished my Texas Stars and it took a while to decided on the fabric to set them in. I was determined to dig into my stash and after lots of diliberation came up with this one. It's will be going to Cornwall at the end of the month for quilting. 

So now it's back to my Di Ford Sutton Grange. This is going to take me a while and I still have Abi's quilt to get on with too

It's really cold here at the moment but have escaped the snow that has been falling further north. It's just the weather for staying inside by the fire and sewing and that's just what I'm going to do. 

Happy stitching.