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Monday, 28 July 2014

Welsh Quilt Museum

The next part of our Quilty weekend was to The Welsh Quilt Museum in Lampeter
What a absolutely fabulous exhibition entitled Early To Bed.

I loved everything about this exhibition which has a folk art theme. I could have taken many of these treasure's home with me. 

Gorgeous fabrics

Fabulous wool tailors quilt 

Loved this frame quilt
Caught on camera Linda

We we had to keep up our strength before going back in to soak up some more of this exhibition.. 

More to come but will be back soon.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Australian Guest

At last something worthwhile to blog about.
Linda from Quilts in the Barn a whirlwind few days with me last weekend. This post is heavy on the photos and will probably have to spread these over a few days. 
First stop Cupcake Cottons Burford, I then I drove around showing Linda lots of the amazingly beautiful countryside . 
 It just happened to be breast cancer awareness day at Cupcake Cottons and tea and cake was on the agenda. 

Amazing hollyhocks in Chipping Campden

Next day we headed for the Minerva Art Centre in Llanidloes to see the Turning Twenty Exhibition.

This fabulous tailors quilt made from wool is just so graphic.
Another lovely wool quilt.

Pretty ocean waves

We left Llanidloes and headed for Lampeter  and stopped for a few photos on the was quite overcast that day but something magical about the mist hanging over the mountains of Wales.

I've just become a Welsh Girl
That's a wrap for tonight will be back with the next leg of the journey in a few days. 


Monday, 2 June 2014

Catching up

Their doesn't seem much time for blogging or sewing just lately, life has got far to busy with these two little people. 
Max now 5 weeks old who is constantly hungry but thriving.

Yep that's me in there ! I couldn't stop laughing because as fast as I was trying to put the tent up Abi was trying to get in it. This is our new hideout for picnic and stories. 

A little progress on the sewing front. This is my Sutton Grange started when Di came to last month.
I am a little further on with this but as I'm writing this in bed I don't have an up to date photo.

A few more of my Texas stars completed. 

I went to Quilts UK a few weeks back and saw these quilts keeping this car snug. The one over the windscreen looked to be in pretty good shape and guess the owner is not worried about preserving the past. 
Here's some eye candy from the show and sorry I can't tell you who they belong to as you have to have a programme with their name and number in it. 

Here's hoping I can get back to being a bit more productive soon. We live in hope!!!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Day With Di Ford

What a special day we had on Saturday with Di Ford coming to do a workshop at my home. I know everyone learnt such a lot from her in the time she spent with us. 
My goodness I'm looking at my fabric in a whole new light now and am really beginning to think I'm in double trouble with my stash because as I look at it ( not even going to show you the cupboard) I think I can double the size of it as it seems it has two uses. One for peicing and two how I look at fussy cutting it. 
Now I really do need to either sit and sew day in and day out for the rest of my lifetime or find the elixir of life so i can get through the mountain of fabric. 
Di bought some of her quilts to show us and the detail in them is simply amazing.

Detail in Rotherfield Grey

The Morrell Quilt

Everyone listening intently to Di
This is Sutton Grange which we made a start on. 

And guess what Mery even got to lie down on Di's quilts. I hear you all gasping! But Di didn't mind one bit and requested I take a photo of her. I guess my girl knows a good quilt when she sees it! 

A final decision was made about the border to my Jane's Garden which I started with Di in Nantes last year. It now needs to go off to the longarm quilter. 
I measured and re measured through the centre of the quilt but it seems to have very wavy edges. It's a much finer fabric than the rest of the quilt so am hoping Sandy will work her magic and it will come out right in the end. 
I even got a photo at long last with Shirley

Of course I had to have a photo with Di too and I'm just noticing the French dressing I spilt all down my sweater. 
What a wonderful day with freinds, good food and a great teacher. 
We love you Di, please come back to the UK again soon or we may all have to emigrate to Melbourne.