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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The New Year Ahead

  The festive season is almost over and as we all think about the past year it's time to think about the coming one and with that in mind I want to tell you about an exciting new project that is happening at Cowslip Workshops.
I've just had a happy time with Jo whilst the shop and cafe has been closed over the the holiday season where she was preparing for Di Fords block of the month.You can see the centre of it here.

Here are some of the lovely fabrics for the Di Ford block of the month. If any of you want to sign up for this project you had better hop over to Cowslip Workshops to sign up. 
As it was closed over the Christmas period I took the opportunity to take some photos of the shop and cafe. 
Lovely flannels and wool. 

You will never see  the cafe this quiet again. It opens again from the 3rd of January with lots of yummy food and cakes. 
Jo's beautiful Christmas quilts are still adorning the walls. It's looks so welcoming.

Hope you enjoyed a belated bit of Christmas from my favourite quilt shop and cafe 

Happy New Year and here's to lots of sewing in 2014.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tis Time

I haven't achieved half of what I would have liked to on the quilting front this past year but hopefully 2014 will be a more productive year. 

It's time for me to thank you all for following my blog, leaving lovely comments and to wish you all a very 

                                   HAPPY CHRISTMAS and HEALTHY HAPPY NEW YEAR


Monday, 16 December 2013

The Festive Season

After my trip to India It's been some time since I got down to any sewing mainly because I wasn't feeling that great. I felt so tired and light headed and finally my stomach started playing me up. After a visit to the doctors and tests it turns out I bought more back from India  than I went with. YEP I have a nasty old parasite been living in my lower gut. I'm on a very strong antibiotic and the next week should see it gone!!!!  Fingers crossed!
I have felt a little better this week and am not feeling quite so light headed and vague.
Doctor told me to rest so have at last been putting the binding on my prickly star quilt. I don't know why I put off doing this job but the answer was to put on a good dvd and get on with it. 

Sandy at the Quilting Company has done a great job which you can see better from the back.

Good job Sandy. 

With the help of my son I managed to get the house decorated for Christmas. First up was to choose a Christmas tree. I needed a 6ft. Right just Neil's size. 

I also had a little help from Abi but she really was more intent on playing with the sledge and anything else she could get her hands on. 
This little one is in for a surprise next year with a baby brother or sister on its way. Seems only yesterday that my son and daughter in law were getting married and a twosome and then all of a sudden they will be a foursome.
Some more additions to my Christmas decorations this year is my new Willi Raye Santa.

I had my eye on this last winter but it was to expensive. I was delighted to find it in the January sale at half price. Good things come to those who wait!!!!!
Another half price bargain in the January sale.

Another couple of tree ornaments from my trip to New England this year.
What's on the rack this year. Not sure if its the same as last time but it looks festive.

I love Warren Kimble and bought a yard of this fabric of his on ebay some years ago. I just couldn't cut into it so instead just cut it into four strip and split it with checkerboard. Reminds me so much of Vermont. 
Finally the door wreath, I bought the greenery from my local florist and decorated it myself.

I know I should be resting up but hey Christmas is only nine days away and their's a lot to do. I hope your all prepared ?


Sunday, 1 December 2013


I'm sure you may be wondering what I bought in India as textiles are so deep seated there.  

I bought these three books and am enjoying reading the history of textiles from the area where I travelled. 

This book is full of fabric samples which I just so full of in depth colour. 

I lovely paisley print and spotted this one that I had to have.

I couldn't resist this lovely silk either. Not sure what I will do with it but thought is gorgeous. 

Last but not least I tolld you we did some block printing with my sponsor child and two of the other little ones . They had such fun using a camel and peacock block.

I had fun using a large paisley block.

The morning we had block printing was such fun and was marvellous to watch how quickly the men blocked a whole table cloth with several colours being layered on top of one and other with such precision. 


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Where to Begin

In my last post I told you I was off to India which turned into what can only be described as an experience!

The main purpose of the visit was to meet my sponser child at the children's home in Jaipur. Lots of other things was included on the trip that was arranged by Claire who runs the charity from here. 

First stop was Agra and the Taj Mahal. 
The classic Taj photo. One day my prince will come. 

We visited many temples, forts and sites along the way and quilt inspiration would pop up in all shapes and forms in hotel foyer's.

I've got to say it was a bit of a culture shock that didn't really sit happily with me but you just have to go with the flow. The colours and vibrancy is everywhere you turn.

This lady happily poised for this picture, I loved the street scenes.
An early morning shave in the street of Deogarth. 

 Orange just looks right at home here. 
Colour, colour everywhere. 

We arrived at the Children's home to twenty seven very excited girls and one of the little ones of about four through her arms around my legs and I gotta tell you it was hard to hold back the tears. 
They are so well looked after and amazingly happy. No sitting in front of TV 's and computers for them they just genuinely play games run around and have fun. 
My first meeting with my sponser child. Both feeling a little awkward to start with but at the end of our three days there we knew each other a whole lot better. 
 We took three of the younger ones to Amber Fort for an Elephant ride which was another enjoyable experience   We then went onto a textile area where we were let loose and did some block printing. 
The girls absolutely loved it and were running up and down happily stamping fabric. 

We were there for Diwali and the girls all had new cloths to wear for the evening event. Lots of  very loud fireworks, sweets and of course they love to henna their hands. Sue auntie as I became affectionally known didn't escape this little ritual and got to say she made a beautiful job of it.
 Being Hennaed
 It turned much darker overnight and lasted for about 8 days.

We moved on to Udaipur for a few days and then stayed at this lovely palace in Deogarth.

How many pots can you balance on your head and dance at the same 

Finally it was off to Pushkar to the camel fair. A yearly event where 30.000 camels and horses are traded.

We slept here at these tented village where again their was plenty of textile inspiration.

Here's where you can have a quick wash and brush up at the tented village. 
See the mountain on the right. Well that's a holy mountain with a temple at the top. You have to climb it . It took an hour to get to the top where we rested for a while and and hour back down to the bottom. I soon realised it was quite an achievement because young people were shaking our hands on the way down and congratulating us that we had done it.

Finally back in Delhi we visited the Gandhi site took a rickshaw ride and on the last night we felt  four small earthquakes. I was ready to come home at that point!!!!! 

It has taken me a while to getting round to writing this post as I wasn't feeling at all well when I got back. I spent the first week basically house bound with an awful cough and cold and virus. My poor travelling companion Claire ended up being blue lighted to the hospital with some sort of virus but is also now on the mend. 
It's been an amazing adventure and journey and the most rewarding thing was meeting my sponser child  who is happy and bright. I know my sponsorship money is paying for a first class education for her and will shape her future.