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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Garden day 2







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Big Big apologies to you all who have left comments that I have not replied to. I have been so busy with lots of other things on my mind like a NEW HOUSE.

More about that later on but just posting the next lot of photos of the garden. This is the herbaceous garden and is full of roses, delphiniums, geraniums and lots of other cottage garden plants. I love walking around here in the evening the smell from the roses is just wonderful.
Just had to post the one of Mery being very good and sitting for the photo shoot.

Well you know I went to the hairdressers ten days ago and was a little early so called in to the estate agents to see if he had anything new on the market. Well he did but it was new and I don't do new. He persuaded me to go and meet him after the hairdressers . He said indulge me I know you will love it.
Well I did and do and as of last Monday have bought a very contemporary house that I am ready to embrace on this new journey of mine.

My mind is full of what I can do with a very very much smaller garden. At first I thought the garden to small but on reflection I have to think this girl is getting a bit old in the tooth for a large garden now and as they say small is beautiful.

New furnishing to be thought about and a whole new way of living is in store for me. So you could say I went to the hairdressers and bought a house.

You know I might be able to get back to the sewing sooner than I think as at last for the first time ever I am going to have a designated sewing room.

Hope you are all still stitching out there.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Red Cross Gardens


Driveway Entrance

Pathway down to the front door

The White Garden

My Cottage Front Door

9 Klosjes

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Well the open garden day on Sunday was a total wash out. The worst rain we have had this year. Some brave hardened garden lovers came and were rewarded with wonderful tea and cakes after there visit around the nine gardens. Total sum raised on the day was 450.00 which is about a 1/4 of what we normally take.

As this is my last summer in this house and garden I will give you a little garden tour over the next few post's .

The first lot is of the drive way and entrance into what I always call the white garden. Well it is mainly green but the only colour that comes into play in this area is white.

As the sewing machine is tucked away now I am just managing hand sewing a few Klosjes between sorting out cupboards and taking heap loads of clothes and objects to the charity shop.I am also still out there looking for that allusive house to buy.

The men at the local tip are getting to know me rather too well- I arrived one day with 2 dead mowers, 2 dead strimmers and countless broken garden tools. They now call me the women who kills mowers!


Monday, 6 June 2011

More Catching Up

Block 20 New England

Block 21 Underground Railroad

Block 22 Blockade

Block 23 Illinois

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As you can see I just caught up with the last four Barbara Brackman blocks.That's as much sewing that is going on here at the moment.

I have been working like a slave in the garden as this weekend our village opens our gardens up for the RED CROSS.
Teas will be severed at Manor Barn and in one of the village gardens they will be serving PIMMS. I just pray for a lovely sunny day.

We haven't opened for four years now and the last time we did DH was at home with me and he sat in chair watching the people coming and going.

It is the last time I will open and I personally will dedicate the day to DH who worked so hard when we came here and had to start a garden from scratch . He did all the landscaping and helped me plant over 100 hornbeam saplings, numerous trees, sowed the seed for the lawn dug mountains of manure into the soil and never once complained because he had vision.
We created this garden together and now someone else must take over the mantle. Thankfully the new owner loves gardening. She of course will want to make her own changes but in essence I think we leave a little legacy behind here the bones of which I hope remain for years to come.