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Monday, 30 May 2011

Compton Verney

Entrance to Compton Verney

The Lake

One of 4 beauties adorning the bridge

Delicious lunch

Have been feeling very flat this week after last weekends wedding- My PIC obviously thought about how I might be feeling so suggested a little outing in the week. Thank you Sue.

We took off to COMPTON VERNEY to see the exhibition of Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson. I can't believe I have never been there before . It is only 50 minutes from home and is a very lovely place to visit.
We not only saw Wallis and Nicholson naive paintings but the exhibition of Wool Work a Sailors Art.
These were really interesting some of the detailing in the work was very intricate and they obviously took what they were doing very seriously.
Sorry no photos allowed inside Compton Verney except for the Cafe' where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

I should be over the moon this week as I have sold my house and in fact this has happened all to quickly and am now wondering what the hell I am doing. Nowhere to go as yet and am hoping some lovely little house is going to come onto the market over the coming weeks so I can snap it up just like mine has been.
Contracts have been exchanged and I am here until the beginning of August . Not sure much sewing will be going on over the next few months as I have a lot of clearing and sorting to do over the coming weeks.

Heard from my son and DIL last night and they haven't to date had the most brilliant of honeymoons . He has had food poisoning and they arrived in Orlando on the second part of the honeymoon at 6am Saturday to find that the whole of their reservation had somehow been cancelled , As it is memorial weekend this took a bit of sorting out. I think the Virgin Atlantic may have a serious complaint when they get home!

Even if I am not posting for a while I will still be following what you are all up too.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Wedding Day

May I introduce you to my new DIL Emily.

It really was a perfect day for them the sun shone and everyone behaved themselves including the adults. LOL

Of course the day was tinged with sadness because of DH but Neil, Emily and I went to the nursing home after the ceremony to have some photo's with him.
I'm afraid none of us could hold it together emotionally - including the photographer. If DH had any moment of insight he would have known how much he is loved and missed by us.
All I am doing is  posting heavy on the photo's and hope you enjoy sharing a little bit of an English country wedding.


I think they are happy!

Almost a royal veil

Me and my lovely friend Dawn who lives in North Carolina

Beautiful fresh rose wreath on the walled garden gate

More beautiful table decorations

Me and Emily's father

Agh  and here we have my PIC and her other half

The Cake.
Guest's arriving for dinner

Emily's mother looking wonderful in turquoise silk
Rodger - Dawns other half who came from NC for the wedding.

Friday, 20 May 2011

One Day to Go

The Borders are filling out

Blue Viola

Astrantia Hadspen Blood

Purple Allium's

Double Clematis Montana

Lots of embroidered honey suckle  and leaves.
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Only one day to go till the big day.
Definitely no sewing going on here so you will have to enjoy some pictures of the garden.

Everything is so early here with the spate of warm weather.Lots of flowers in bloom and as you can see they have even crept on to my wedding jacket.

My little ensemble is by Beatrice Von Treskow . I am getting very excited as friends have arrived from the USA and Sweden along with family from all all over the UK .

The weather is forecast to be warm and sunny so let's  just keep our fingers crossed for a beautiful day. 

Sue x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Still Finding Time

With my son's wedding fast approaching I am still finding a bit of time to slot in a bit of sewing.

I look at  this photo taken of my son last weekend and thought how young and handsome he still looks. He's my only child and cherish him even though we often don't see eye to eye. I guess that is because we are a lot alike.
Where have the last 35 years gone, I still see him as a boy and he is a man and just embarking on the most important day of his life.
Civil War block 19 Missouri Star

As for the sewing I have finished my Civil War block 19 Missouri Star and saw on Kathie's blog on the 23rd April that she had made a lovely little churn dash quilt set in some red floral fabric. I knew I had some of that red somewhere and after sorting through some boxes found it so now I am making one too.
Kathie's are 3in block whereas mine are 5in finished , I think I have decided to set mine a little differently too but Kathie's was certainly the inspiration for mine. Thanks Kathie.
Kathie's Churn Dash

Talking about sorting through boxes - Look what turned up .I started the Prickly Star blocks back in 2005.They now deserves to be on the sewing bucket list!
The quilt was on the front cover of Better Homes and Gardens Patchwork and quilting back in October 2004 and is by Cindy Blackberg.
Prickly Stars

Well I really am on count down to the wedding ,This time next week after all the planning it will be over, But I  am lucky I will have gained a wonderful DIL.

Till Next Time


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blue and White Baskets

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After visiting the Red and White Exhibition in New York in March I thought about the impact those red and white quilts had had on me. I then tried to visualize whether a blue and white exhibit would have had the same impact.
Not so sure on that one as their are so many different blues whereas the turkey red was all the same.

I love basket quilts and this one caught my eye on Ebay in 2004. The description the seller gave was that it was a Kentucky quilt and in fine condition. It is in fine condition but I guess without provenance it could have been made anywhere although it did come from Owensboro KY.
If anyone can give me any ideas to it's age I would appreciate it it.

I still really love this quilt just for it's simplicity.

Enjoy a little bit of eye candy.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Quilts in the Barn Raffle Quilt

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Linda at Quilts in the Barn has put a request out for blocks for this years charity quilt.
If you think you may be interested please pop over and have a look at Linda's blog with all the details.

Here is mine and has just been popped in the post today along with PIC Sue's block.
Sorry Sue I forgot to photograph yours before I put them in the envelope you will have to try to spot it when Linda has the quilt together.

Two blocks are now winging their way across to Australia from the UK. I hope some more of you can help with Linda's project.

They really only take 10 minutes to put together, You just have to use Jo Morton Fabric.

Happy Stitching

Monday, 2 May 2011

Almost Caught Up

Block 13 Little Blue Basket

Block 15 Fort Sumter

Fox and Geese

Block 16 White House

Block 17 Comfort Quilt
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Well I am almost caught up with my Civil War blocks. Just have this weeks to make to bring me completely up to date.

I haven't really felt like doing much sewing over the weekend- Friday I was glued to the television watching William and Kate's wedding and what a beautiful sight it was. I thought the dress was amazing - very simply understated and clearly a couple very much in love.

Just waiting to get the low down on the event from an insider's point of view as I have  a friend who was lucky enough to be invited  to the Westminster Abbey part of it.

We are on count down here to our own family wedding. Just can't believe where the time is going.

I collected the last piece of my outfit at the weekend so I am set. You will have to wait and see what it is like but can tell you I have a very nifty fascinater

In the run up to it over the next couple of week I am going to have less and less time for sewing so if you don't hear from me for a while I have gone into wedding mode.