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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vermont Quilt Festival

First day at the the VQF and it was great to meet up with Lori again, haven't had a real chance to photograph the quilts in depth yet as it was pretty busy. I'm here all weekend so will go early Sunday to take some more pictures.
I know you all love eye candy.

A few pic's of some that caught my eye whilst in the midst of shopping.

Took this one through the window of Yankee Pride quilts in Essex Junction.
Just had to do a little shopping while I was here too.
I know, I know I can't keep the US economy going on my own but let's say I am helping in my own sweet way.

Had dinner at the New England Culinary Institute last night we three special funny ladies, Jill, Lori of Humble quilts and Barb of Fun with Barb blog.
Thanks girls I had a great day a fun night and the food was pretty amazing too.


Friday, 29 June 2012

Lost in Vermont

After a the long flight from the UK I set off from Boston in a beast of a car with my old friend that comes with me on all my trips to the USA. Mrs TT is her name. ( Tom Tom ).
We started off well together this trip and she navigated me away under the tunnels of Boston on the road north but for some reason she kept taking me off the main route. I finally gave her a talking too as I realised it was the tolls she was avoiding. I began not to trust her and ignored her at my peril and headed further north on the 93. She kept telling me to take the next exit which after the third I did - checked the map -Hello I should have been on the 89.
Now taking her seriously I went with her instruction but look where I had taken us. Through my first covered bridge of this trip. It's so true about getting on to the backroads you start seeing (the road less travelled by and that made all the difference)
Yep you got it I did another little detour of my own and stopped of at Derry at the Robert Frost Farm. I love his poems.

I wonder what other exciting things we will be doing together.
I think quilts and fellow bloggers could be involved.

I'll keep you posted

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Crazy Quilt

Got talking with a neighbour of mine recently about quilts and low and behold she turned up last week with this crazy quilt that she says was her aunts.

It was full of lovely fabrics and looks to be made between the two world wars probably around 1930/40.
I was imagining what types of dresses were made in these fabrics. I love that era when women dressed as women with not a pair of trousers or jeans in sight.

Heading west this week so before I leave will just give you a little update on our girl- 5 months old already , she loves to smile, eat and more importantly loves to go shopping with granny. YEAH!

See you all soon. Vermont Qult Festival is calling.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Lovely Weekend

Saturday was a lovely relaxing day where I was at a workshop with Clare Kingslake   Clare's  mini quilt is called Perfect Petals. Mine of course will look nothing like hers as I have used completely  different fabrics. Never the less I hope mine will have it's own personality.

Today was another lovely day as Virginia who I meet at the Pour l'Amour du fil Show in Nantes back in April came for the day. I showed her my quilts and she bought a few of her miniatures quilts to show me.  Very tiny pieces - the one pictured is about 14ins square and NOT foundation pieced. I am in awe.
She also bought me this lovely patchwork covered book. I love it Virginia. Big big thanks.
We then  set off to the village where I used to live to see one of the gardens that has opened for the first time under the NGS . Lovely garden and we finished off with tea and cake.
Then it was back to Cheltenham to give Virginia a whistle stop tour of the town centre and a photo with a very controversial bronze statue called Minotaur and Hare before she caught the train back to London.
Virginia's 14 in Miniature
My lovely gift

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in a beautiful garden 

Minotaur and Hare bronze statue
The weather held out for us today . Thanks Virginia I had a great day and hope it won't be to long before we meet up again for  a quilty adventure.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Back Posting

It's been a long time since I last posted and can safely say that not much sewing has been going on. Creating a new garden and outside events have taken priority.

I have been to the Malvern Flower show followed by Quilts UK  , The Cheltenham Jazz Festival, I watched the olympic torch being carried through Ledbury and my own Jubilee party for my quilt group and  also visited numerous garden nurseries buying plants .

A few cushions  have been made with still a couple to make but I have to make hay while the sunshines as they say and spend as much time creating my own new out door space.

Just going to put lots of pictures up for you to enjoy.

Lovely Tulips at The Malvern Flower Show
Gorgeous Agapanthus

This lovely red and white quilt at Quilts UK in May reminded me of the wonderful Infinite Variety of Red and White Quilts in New York last year.
The Winner - small but perfectly formed

Liked both of these very much
A great fun quilt

Ready for Shipton Quilters Jubilee supper

The Olympic torch being carried through Ledbury

 last but not least Abi
Well their we have it just some of what I have been up to and as you can see from the above photo you will guess who is the biggest  distraction from  me doing any sewing. We seem to do lot of girlie shopping as she is growing at a fast rate of knots.

I have been holding my breath all the time I have writing and putting pictures up that blogger wouldn't do anything nasty and crash on me which it had been doing constantly on my last couple of post's . It  had rather put me off posting as it had been such a hassle but hey it's behaved so you might see me back here sooner than you think.