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Friday, 30 April 2010

My Trip

The Great Smoky Mountains

After flying into Charlotte NC to spend a few days with very old friends I set of on my journey.
First stop was in the Tennessee mountains where I was meeting up with Cindy Blackberg who I originally meet when she lived in Florida.
We had got to know each other when I had my quilt shop and she was originally going to come over to the UK and do a workshop for me here. Well it didn't work out as Cindy moved up to Tennessee that year but we have always kept in touch.
We met for coffee in Townsend and looky looky what I got three of Cindy's stamping kits and the latest BHG quilting magazine with her Honeycomb Stars quilt in it. The apple core stamp is also featured in Jo Morton's book Vintage Journey, Cindy made this quilt for herself and one for Jo also.I also love the spools or Klosje's as they are being referred to on so many blogs. It was such a generous gift for Cindy to give me and now I can really have some handwork to piece while I am sitting with Dick and he decides to doze off, which is often. (Must be my stimulating conversation). Cindy does have all these for sale on her web site and she even does retreat in the smokies.
Have a look

I am going to start dipping into my repro fabric stash and have a go with these lovely stamps, Thanks Cindy.

Till next time.

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Back From Paducah

Well, I am back from Paducah, Not sure how I made it out of the UK I believe I was on the last flight to leave Gatwick on the Thursday of the Volcano.
I was the only English voice I heard whilst in Paducah and know several people that didn't make it as they were flying out after me. I thought it an omen that I was meant to be there.
DH behaved himself health wise while I was away and I had daily reports from my son on what was happening back home so felt more comfortable with the whole situation as time went on.
I am quilted and shopped out so need to get my head together over the next few days and catch up on blogs and post so exciting stuff.
AQS only accepted two entrants from the UK and am pleased to report that Both Gwenfai Rees Griffiths and Phillipa Naylor won 1st prizes in their category. Good on you girls.
I am so so tired so will be back soon.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cheltenham Museum Quilts 2

As not much sewing is going on here at the moment I thought I would post some more EYE CANDY, Well I think a girl can never have to much QUILT eye candy.
Some more photos from the Cheltenham Museum collection.



Friday, 9 April 2010

Cheltenham Museum Quilts





Last April our local museum in Cheltenham had a day when they showed there collection of quilts. They don't have that many but they are interesting. I as usual forgot to take notes. I am always so taken with the eye candy I can't seem to cope with doing two things at once. I did however take a few pictures and this quilt I do know is dated 1860 and by Jane Pizar.

With all what is going on in the UK with exhibitions this year I do hope the museum will have another day when they bring the quilts out from storage so we can feast the eyes once more and promise next time I will take some notes. Or perhaps I should get someone to take them for me :-)

I love this quilt.
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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I Am Back


Well my DH has surprised the doctors, nurses and my family by hanging on in there - He has turned the corner and the Doctor gave his chest infection the all clear today.HOORAY He is remarkable of course I would say that I am biased. It was a very fraught week but he has obviously decided it is not his time yet. I sat by his bedside and quilted this little quilt. It took my mind of just watching him breath.

Easter has passed me by this year but my PIC turned up at the nursing home with emergency Chocolate and quilting magazines. Thank goodness for sewing, good friends, family and most of all my son and heir.

I would also like to thank all of you who left me messages on my blog and by email for your prayers and good wishes.

Happy Belated Easter.
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