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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Getting Blogging

I've had so much on lately their has been no time for blogging but today I have loads to report on.
After Nantes Di Ford payed  another visit at my home. Its always so nice to have Di here along with some very excited ladies who hadn't seen each other for a while.
The new project started was Pendle Hill whilst some  choose to carry on with their Sutton Grange or  Jane's Garden.
Its always a nice day where everyone contributes a dish for lunch and that is another treat in itself.

Heads down and all very busy.

We had a little show and tell with a couple of quilts that Di would be going on to teach at Cowslip Workshops.
A very happy band of Di Ford UK fans

Di is remaking the Mount Mellick quilt in red and again this is a winner.
Shirley from Stitchery Do Blog brought along her Sutton Grange which is coming along nicely.
Here is my Sutton Grange, I have changed the Drunkards Paths to Broken Dishes and am piecing the next border too rather than applique. All the outer block now made I need to get sewing!
Thank you Di  as usual we all had a marvellous day with you and we learn so much.

A little more progress on my Abigail Rose quilt. Not to many more of those hexes to make. 

Back from the Longarm quilter has come my Texas Stars. As always Sandy has done an amazing job. Thank you Sandy you really know what I like. 

And here we are at Quilts UK a couple of weeks back. I took Abi along with me and she posed beautifully for me in front of my Jane's Garden which got Judges Merit and was quilted by Sandy Chandler. 
She was so sweet, mummy had told her she was going to a quilt show. As we left the show she said but I haven't seen the show. Bless her she thought their was going to be some sort of singing and dancing event. 

I forgot to show you these lovely gifts I received in Nantes from Linda, Randi, Ellen and Sue.
Finally today's gift in the post from Di Ford this gorgeous book with fifteen wonderful quilts in it. I Face booked Di to thank her and said if I had known what was in the parcel I would have kissed the postman but he really isn't my type and am sure he would have run a mile!
I've had a busy month and better get back to some sewing. 
Happy Stitching.