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Thursday, 30 May 2013

An Evening of Quilts Part Two

Well here we go with the next lot of Sue's Quilts.
This is a very soft blue crib quilt that is absolutely delightful.

Loved the simplicity of this Quilt top. One of Sue's she had been hiding from me.
 Wonderful fabrics in this English snowball quilt with I might add the papers still in the back.
 Red and Green- Whats not to like
 Not sure what Sue called this one  but very graphic!
 Super Lemoyne Star, the green has faded but still lovely.
 Well I can vouch for where this one came from- Acquired on our last trip to NANTES.
 I know you are all going to be gasping at this one and have tried to blow the picture up so you can see the fantastic quilting . Purchased in the USA some years ago. The story goes that she saw it at the very beginning of a holiday and at the time she thought it to expensive so drove off and left it behind- Not sure how far that  DH and her  got but they did turn around and go back for it. I believe they were on food  rations for the rest of the holiday !!!!. That's love for you. LOL 

This is a favourite of mine,  mainly because its English and I love Medallion Quilts.This is a very fine example and  does have the most wonderful early fabrics in it.

Hope you've  enjoyed the show.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

An Evening of Quilts

Last night according to my PIC I became the BHFQ.
When I opened my email this morning I  wondered what the heck she was on about. Well it means The Best Holder and Folder of Quilts.
Sue was giving a presentation and talk on her antique quilts for Highnam Quilters so I got the honour  to hold and fold.

At last I got to see all the treasure's she has been hiding away in her attic and will leave you with some lovely eye candy.
I have done my best to crop us out of most of them because we both seem to look very serious in the photo's. My excuse I was concentrating on the quilts.
This was Sue's first quilt she ever bought at Sully  USA many years ago.
Love this Turkey Tracks.

This is the back of the above quilt and it  also looks like I'm being accused of something. Honest it wasn't my fault!

This is a lovely English stripy quilt.
This is the back of the one above and  another  English quilt  with a gorgeous floral backing

Now I'm sure you all wondering about the PINK. She  is not a pink girl at all ,  but if you see a Vintage English quilt for sale  in the UK  at a reasonable price . You buy it !!!!

Even though theirs plenty of other colours  in this one-  once again  theirs a bit of pink  crept in.   Sue was told that It's  a Cornish quilt and I can tell you it was very heavy-  obliviously has a wool filling.

I have lots more photos to show  so will be back soon.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Malvern 2013

Last weekend was Quilts UK at Malven . I went over last Thursday and again on Sunday  to collect the two quilts that that had been entered and  needed to collect the cup we had won  for our  charity fund raising quilt. 
A big cheer went up when I stepped forward to collect the cup from Roger Cooling of Grosvenor Exhibitions. We had apparently won as a group some years back, well certainly before my time and I have been a member for 20 years.

L To R- Mary, Margaret, Jane, Jill , Helen, Me Sue M and Sue H
Some of the members that were there on Sunday  congregated to have a photo taken in front of the quilt.

I had a phone call on Friday from Virginia  and it was quickly arranged that she would come down to Cheltenham on the bus and we would then head off to Malvern. So for Virginia it was her first Malvern and she did the honours with the camera for the photo  shoots.
So for all you Aussie ladies that know Virginia she is getting out and about and hopefully enjoying a little bit of the English quilting scene.
Virginia with the lovely Malvern hills in the background

To my surprise I got a Judges Merit rosette for my Butternut and Blue quilt
Got to go I have to polish the cup for our next meeting.- Hmm  I wonder who's going to take on the task of polishing it throughout  the year. ??????????
Will be back next time with some quilt photos from the show.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Nantes 2013

I came home from Nantes unpacked and repacked for a family holiday to Cornwall and realised I hadn't showed what I bought at the show.
As you can imagine Di Ford's, Petra and Ann Moonen's books were on the top of the shopping list and  I spent many an evening whilst away in Cornwall drooling over the contents of these books.

I bought these orphan blocks from  Mary Koval. No idea what I am going to do with them but they looked lonely and wanted to come home with me.

I was also given a few gifts. The red coffee mat came from Linda Quilts In The Barn. Sue (PIC) made dear Jane blocks  to give as presents. I think she made six and announced that was the only six she was ever going to make!!!
Randi made this sweet little needle keep, don't you  just love the fabric..

As mentioned in a previous post I took the Di Ford class and those of you that know me know that the only applique I ever do is on the machine. But hey I was so taken with Di's project that we worked on I must show you a bit of my progress.
Here is my fist piece of  needle turn applique- still a bit of a way to go buy hey I am determined to do this as I will enjoy piecing the blocks that  surround it.

Whilst we were in Nantes we meet Fran on Di's class and to my surprise I called in at Cowslip Workshops to see Jo on my way home from Cornwall last week and the first person I meet was Fran. Jo snapped this picture of us. Nice to see you Fran.

Had some good news yesterday our quilt group got a first at Quilts UK , Malvern . We won under the category of Charity Fund Raising quilt and this quilt will be raffled next April at our exhibition.
If you want to have a little look hop over to here .  Shipton Quilters