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Monday, 29 April 2013

Pour l'Amour du fil part 2 2013

I took  Lot's of photo's in Nantes and  not all of quilts.
I  had one morning where I walked round the city and did a little shopping for that special  little person in my life.
I thought I would show you a little of the city and more of some of the Antique quilts that I saw at the show. 
The mechanical elephant that we rode on.
Spagetti Junction  perhaps

This tree was gorgeous and would love to know what its called. Can anyone help?

The Castle

Wandering through a back street I found this tiny doorway maybe for tiny people who knows.

Walking back to the hotel one evening

Wouldn't I like someone to buy me  flowers from here.

Lovely applique quilt belonging to Mary Koval.

This one was on the Labour's of Love booth
So was this lovely hexagon

Well that wraps up this round of photos I will be back in few days with some more.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Pour l'Amour du fil 2013

Happy to report I am home having had a wonderful couple of days at the show in  Nantes .
Once again we meet up with so many friends from around the world and made a few new ones along the way.  Maureen , Ellen and Fran.  I also meet  another fellow blogger Will  for the first time and we had a short while to talk quilts -  but that's what we do!

I can't tell you how much fun and laughter we have had and some of it at my expense.  Just remember Linda Collins and Pic . What went on in Nantes at The Square restaurant stays in Nantes.

We started off on Wednesday afternoon with a class with Di Ford which was outstanding and I am in complete awe of how she makes her quilts  they are simply amazing . Of course I now have Di's book and hope some of her magic will rub off on me, One lives in hope!!!!!  I'm also hoping she will come to teach in the UK sometime in the future. I definitely have a bed for Di and her hubby at my house.

This is what we started at Di's fussy cutting class.
I couldn't  resist having my photo taken with Di.

Of course one of the main events of this years show was the 150th Anniversary of the Dear Jane quilt and what a feast for the eyes that was. Unbelievable to see 114 Dear Jane quilts hanging in one space.
Dear Jane Anniversary Cake.


Add caption
Last but not least we finished  off with a lovely dinner last night with Randi  ( I'm not going to mention your new name you might get arrested ) Ellen, Maureen , and Sue .
Thank you ladies I had a great  time with you and here's to Alsace in 2014.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Prickly Stars

Prickly stars is almost together. I am now making half square triangles to go around the edge.
Desperately trying to get a few things finished this week like binding on quilts as well.

Trying to get these thing done as I'm off to Nantes next week . Its going to be fun I think as PIC and I will be meeting up with quilters from around the globe once again. 
Were doing a workshop with Di Ford on Wednesday and I for one can't wait to get hold of her new book. 
You can be assured we will eat and drink far to much whilst enjoying great company and spending euro's. 
Hope to see some fellow bloggers and followers there!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Out and About

I managed to have a couple of days down in Devon earlier on this week. It was cold and drizzly but you will see Mery couldn't have cared less. We had beach walks and she was in and out of the sea.

From my hotel window I could see the ferry boat that takes you from south beach round the peninsular to Salcombe. The boat can't get right onto the beach so a water tractor ferries you out to the main boat. The sea was quite rough at times and just didn't fancy the trip, besides getting Mery off the tractor and onto the boat might have been a bit tricky.

The hotel right on the beach is super and almost looks like it should be in coastal Maine.
The interior is very New England . It would have been just lovely to have sat out on the deck and had dinner but on this occasion  was far to damp and cold , On a sunny day it would be glorious.

Now back home after my little jaunt I visited a quilt show over near the Malvern Hills. Quite a small show but this quilt caught my eye very subtle and understated.
Looking at it now it seems  it would have looked very at home at the hotel.

I left the Malverns and headed back to another small town of Ledbury .The town has so many individual shops which is something I love  I always pay a visit to Tinsmiths who sell fantastic interior fabric and on my way there I passed another interior design shop when I spotted this quilt in their window. As you can see it's hexagons and wasn't quilted but just look at that gorgeous red paisley print on the back. Wouldn't I like a few metres of that!!!!!
I couldn't see a price tag on it but it is one of those shops  where they don't put prices on their items and you know what they say if you have to ask the price you can't afford it. LOL