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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fall Fun

As they say time flies when your enjoying yourself and  have been doing plenty of that but no  real sewing to show for it.

A bit of fall  decorating going on

Did manage to sew this door panel that I bought some years ago in the USA. 

Managed a day at the Malvern quilt show but only took  a few photos whilst their. 

 Loved this folk art bird wall hanging
This miniature was gorgeous too.

 Then wev'e had this gorgeous girls christening .She was a real poppet and didn't mind  water being poured over her head even though it wasn't bath time.
She looked a picture in her cream silk christening gown and smiled all day long.

Then this little pumpkin arrived this morning to play at Granny's house. We had real fun and got into the spirit of Halloween.
Then look what happened Granny's favourite bear turned up .

One lovely  last thing to end the month. I won a giveaway from Regan over at
Thanks Regan , I am happy to tell you the book, fabric and  your favourite stitch rippers arrived across the stormy seas.

So November starts tomorrow and I have a challenge to start on . Lori at , Barb and Jill no blog agreed to this back at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June. Their is a deadline, but have worked out I get a bit longer to do mine .Although I am  ahead in hours I could still be working on mine by the time Lori wakes up in Oregon when hers has to be finished. So Barb and Jill that means you get a few extra hours on Lori too.
Every cloud has a silver lining LOL.
Till next time

Monday, 15 October 2012

Which Way

Well at last I have made a little quilt for the

Not sure if it will be one that will be auctioned or if it will go off  to be sold at  the Alzheimer's Art  Quilt Initiative booth at Houston  next month.

It's called "WHICH  WAY"  which is something my  husband asked when the first signs of dementia were showing. Most of the time he was pretty hopless at directions so I missed the signs.

He had also had a private pilot's licence and thought that the flying geese going in different directions was apt for this quilt.

He was constantly in my thoughts when I was putting it together and hope their is now some bright angel showing him the way. 

I hope someone likes it enough to bid on it and raise more money and awareness for this worthy cause.

Happy Stitching 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Infinite Variety Re-Visited

In March 2011 thier was a very special exhibition in NYC of Red and White quilts.
My Pic and I were lucky enough to go and not only were we absolutely knocked out by these quilts but we  meet up with fellow bloggers from around the world and made some new friends along the way.

This weekend Linda has created her own Red and White exhibition so you might want to hop over  there in the next few days and take a look  as thier is going to be  plenty of eye candy for sure
Some have already been and Dorothy  and Miriam have started posting some eye candy and with lots more to follow.

I had such a good time in NYC at the exhibition and have meet up with lots that attended it since and am pretty sure our paths will cross again.

I meet up  again with Barb  at the Vemont Quilt Festival this year and she gave me this little red and white quilt.
 Such a cool backing and label.

These little red and white  beauties cheer up my wall in my sewing room.

The Infinite Variety of Red and White quilts set the quilt world alight  and if only Joanne Rose knew how many friendships would be born from it.

Have a great weekend.