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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Birthday Girls

It's been a while since posting as   their hasn't  been much to post about until this week. We've had quite a lot of snow and the first since moving here to this  house. It was so nice to see the local children out on the sledges and having fun. We now have a new resident in the road . You can't see it but they put stones in his chest in the shape of a heart. Not sure if this guy knows whether it's summer or winter with the sunglasses.
Having lots of snow does give you an excuse to not think about anything else but just hitting the sewing room which is what I have done. Remember these?

Well have achieved and awful lot of late and only now have 42  to make before I can put the quilt together. and to date have made 322. Total needed is 364.
I am cracking on with them as I want this finished it has been so long in the making with so many emotions stitched into it.

Now their have been another couple of  events this week. I've had a birthday and look what I got from PIC  Sue. Isn't it just fab- Sue went on a course to the Buggy Barn  with Maggie Bonanomi  a coupe of years back and I got to see her work when we went to The Pour L'Armour dul Fil in Nantes last year. . Guess your all wondering why she has put 2011 - well it;s the year I moved in to this new house . Can you see who is sitting by the house too. It's my Mery. It's is such a fantastic unique gift from my friend and both cushion and friend are  treasured.

Oh no grandma are you really that OLD. Yes! you can talk  its your Birthday too.
Can you believe it it's Abi's 1st Birthday too - where has that year gone. It only seem 5 minutes ago I was sharing the first picture of  her when she wasn't even an hour old.

I'm on a mission so it's back to making those little Klosjes.

Till next time.

I am really cracking on with them now as I want this finsihed it has been far to long in the making.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The VQF Challenge

Ta Dah

This is the Vermont Quilt Challange. For those of you who don't know Jill no Blog,  Barb, Lori  and myself meet up at the VQF back in June and decided to make a little memento of our meeting.

We divided up 1 yard of fabric,  It's the blueish green one. I'm saying that as it came out of the green section at Yankee Pride quilt shop  and it was supposed to be a green challenge as we were in the Green Mountains . Hmm doesn't look green to me back home  in good old blighty-  must have been the sun that got to us.  I bought more of it as I had great ambitions of doing something BIG!
You will see that  didn't  happen but  it's been put to good use on the back. .

So this is the story of mine
Centre block is from Blockbase and called VERMONT .
I wanted the design to  reminded me of  my Welsh ancestors that emigrated to Johnstown PA in 1881 and used Making Welsh Quilts by Clare Claridge and Mary Jenkins for some inspiration.
Then I had to have our names on it hence the corner post's
I used binding for mine but in true welsh tradition I should have used  butted edges.
Size 32in square.

Those of you that know me well know I don't hand quilt and my machine quilting isn't brilliant, but hey practise makes perfect so this was a great little quilt to practise on.

So  you have it, you had  better hop on over to the others blogs to see what they made with theirs.
Hope one of us manages to post Jill's on via an email photo. I have tried without success. Lori. you and Barb are far more Techi than I  and hope you can.
This was such a fun thing to do as we all revealed in the last 1/2  hour by email. Yes we went before scheduled times.I guess we just couldn't wait!
Happy New Year and may yours be  filled with friends,quilts and  fun and anything that makes you happy!
Happy Stitching in 2013