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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Civil War Blocks

A very unproductive sewing week. I seem to have been pulled always with my FIL now in hospital.As my son and I are his only living relative here it all falls on us to deal with the situation The other added complication is he lives 80 miles away. Still the hospital is the safest place for him right now and hopefully the powers that be will now put a suitable care plan in place for him.

I have made my Barbara Brackman Civil War block 9 and glad under the circumstances it was another easy one. The pile is growing and am liking how it is looking.

Not on the sewing front I did have some success on Monday and sat on the computer for 2 1/4 hours trying to buy tickets for Jamie Cullum's concert in Cheltenham . The Festivals new computer system couldn't handle the volume of hits and kept crashing. I did however get 2 tickets so I am happy so roll on the Jazz Festival in May it is going to be in an outside arena and is going to be filmed.



Sunday, 20 February 2011

Some Finishes

Irish Floral Medallion

Pistachio Stars

Civil War Block 8 Cotton Boll

6 Klosjes
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A good week I completed my medallion quilt and that has now gone off to Frome Valley Quilting for quilting.
My pistachio stars has now got its binding- I can't tell you how long that one has been sitting there waiting to be finished. Surprising how a looming exhibition concentrates the mind.

The Barabra Brackman Civil War block this week was another easy one and that little pile is growing.

My little klosjes pile is not growing so fast but did manage 6 this week.

So their we have it not much else to report except lots of small things being dug out to finish off for our quilt groups exhibition in April.

Have a great week whatever you are working on.

Monday, 14 February 2011


My beautiful roses

Two  Quilted Hearts
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When you have someone that loves you and you have someone to love back it is a wonderful thing.
Although DH doesn't know what day it is I have a wonderful son and future DIL that do. Today my son arrived at the nursing home whilst I was visiting DH with these gorgeous roses from him and Emily. I cried as it really means so much to me that they care. I am blessed indeed.

As it is Valentines day thought you would enjoy the quilted hearts.

On a sentimental note I am going to leave you with the poem my friend wrote.

She wrote
Dearest friend I wrote this early this morning, very early and it came to me for you.
A Poem for Sue from Dick called.
Misty Horizons
I know I'm changing deep inside, I also know I cannot hide
I draw around my precious tool, perhaps by this the enemy for a while will be bound
I look at you when you don't see and I know you will look after me
We've shared a life, husband and wife, sometimes joy and sometimes strife
The mist is falling a little each day believe me my darling I don't want to go away
I ache for you for what must be, but remember this always you're the world to me
Thank you for holding my hand
I don't choose to ask you to understand
I am still here and I always know that through the misty horizons I love you so.

She then added - I hope this doesn't make you cry.
Well of course it gets me every time, but what a wonderful gift this poem is.
Linda you are a wonderful, thoughtful caring friend.

I think this  poem is for everyone touched by Alzheimer's

Happy Valentines to all those who will not hear it from a loved one.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

My English/ Swedish Friend

New Swedish Cushion

Block 7 Log Cabin
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I have had a lovely week as my friend was over from Sweden. She bought me a gift of this lovely cushion. It apparently means ONLY FIVE MINUTES .It is a very old Swedish saying and design.
Her DH laughed and said it is the most expensive cushion in the world as Linda made it herself . The saga is that her old software on her Bernina was out of date so she had to upgrade, Then as she hadn't used the embroidery part of the machine for some years she decided to go on a refresher course- so you get the picture - cost mounting at every process. It was such a thoughtful thing for her to do as in between all this they were finishing off the house they have just built and moving in. I am eternally grateful to her as she does have the loveliest of taste and she is also wonderful with words. She writes the most wonderful poems and wrote one for me but from the perspective of how my DH was feeling about the Alzheimers.
The poem is for another day.

This lovely book arrived the other day It is full of wonderful pictures of quilts. I felt it another must have for my book shelf even if they are beginning to groan with the weight.

My Civil War block 7 -Log Cabin is the only real sewing I have done this week. It was an easy one that didn't need to be thought about. Just pull the fabrics and cut strips and away you go.

Finally Lori's Midnight Stars quilt along is coming to an end and you can post your finished ( Well top done for me ) quilts on a link on her blog. It is amazing that even though the same colouring has been used in lots of them how different they look.
Thanks again to Lori for putting up such a nice quilt along.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


160 Klosjes
Civil War block 6 RICHMOND
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Some progress has been made with the Klosjes. I love how its coming along but many many more little blocks to make before it becomes a quilt.

The only other thing this week is my Barbara Brackman civil war block 6 called Richmond. This is the second block I made as I didn't like how the other block came out - It was far to heavy looking compared to how my other blocks look so decided this morning to make another .
I now have an orphan block and wonder how many orphan blocks their are out then in the big wide world of quilting. Maybe we set up an on line orphanage and trade blocks.
I have now to post it onto the Flickr group- I just seem to master one thing like blogger changes and then I have to learn how to use Flickr.

Never mind I keep hearing that learning keeps your mind young and active I just wish my body would follow suit.