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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Infinite Variety Red and White Quilts

Well I am back from New York after visiting the Red and White Exhibition.
If I am rambling we shall have to put that down to jet lag . I'm here posting  just  trying to keep myself awake before I take myself of to bed to get my body clock back in line!

We were there when the doors opened on Friday morning and the impact when you walk through those doors was just incredible- so incredible it moved me to tears. Am I mad or am I mad.
You really had to be there to appreciate what a fabulous way that THINC Design  displayed these quilts in circles ,  row upon row rising upwards.The circles dipicting women sitting in circles at quilting bee's
I can't tell you what a truly amazing, inspiring experience it was.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting some of my favorites - I say weeks as it turn out I have taken 365 pictures and their were 650 quilts. You could have one for every day of the year.

My (PIC) Sue and I also meet up with many new and old friends from around the world for dinner on Friday night. Bev organised the dinner and so if you read this Bev thank you so much for arranging it- It was a wonderful opportunity for us bloggers and non bloggers to get together and put faces to those blogging names.
I am not sure that The Russian Tea rooms knew what hit them with this multi cultural  array of women and a few husband's.
I expect lots of them will be posting their photo's over the coming weeks so you had better pop over and have a look at what they have to say and show.
Lori, Vicki and Jan,Linda, Mary and Jo.
The above were all at the dinner-We had so much fun-Quilt talk of course.
We also meet Kathie and Barb and am sure they will be posting photos soon.

Hope you enjoy the INFINITE VARIETY - Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts wherever you read about it.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Quilt Show

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I had a very excited phone call from Sue my PIC today to say she had just been watching the The Quilt Show and the above quilt of mine was the quilt of the day.Don't know how many of you subscribe to this show which is hosted by Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson but they do have  great quilters on it.

This quilt was made along with many other's when I had my shop The Pumpkin Patch. It is a Quilters Coop pattern by Judy Flanagan. It was made  as a block of the month  and  a great pattern as she gave you 3 different versions of setting it and it went together a dream 

I not sure if The Quilters Coop is still up and running but it was a real nice pattern - I seem to recall she did another block of the month but can't remember what it was called so if anyone can remember it please let me know. I hate to being having a senior moment .
I called mine Afternoon Tea at The Pumpkin Patch and as you can see It got a judges credit  ribbon at Quilts UK in 2007.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Civil War Soldier Quilt

Sue's Civil War Soldier quilt



Civil War Block 11 LONDON SQUARE
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The Saturday stitchers were here last weekend and Sue was finishing off her Civil War soldier quilt. I love the fact she has put little quotes in the centre.

I completed my Civil War block 11 and feel really part of the process now as I was born in London and this one is called London Square. I hadn't realised that England was involved in the Civil War but you know what they say you learn a little something every day.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Does This Count As Red And White

Does this count as red and white? I bought these pre-embroiderd blocks on ebay about 7 years ago. When I was sizing them up I snipped through one of the blocks and thank goodness my dear friend Linda came to the rescue and re-made the block on her Bernina machine with the embroidery unit. I can always spot the odd one as the muslin we used was just a tad lighter. I expect one day someone will be looking at it and saying WHY DID SHE DO THAT just like we do when we spot and odd thing in an old quilt.

BLOCK 10 Lincolns Platform
I have completed my Block 10 of the Civil War quilt.

See I do other things apart from sew
This is just letting you know I do other things apart from SEW.
Richard my gardener came today and we had a good day tidying up . He comes 1 day a month at this time of year . We have lots to do as I am opening the garden along with several other gardens in the village for The RED CROSS in June.
It really concentrates the mind and I find it pushes me to go out in all weathers to get things looking good for the summer. Next month we are setting about clearing 2 ponds that have become completely overgrown. That will be a fun mucky job but for now the spring garden is looking good with all the Hellebore's and Snowdrops out and the daffodils just coming into bud.
With all this squatting down I have been doing today my legs and back will be feeling it in the morning so its a soak in the bath for me now.
Hellebore's - Snowdrops and Daphne Mezereum Rubra
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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More Red and White

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I can't tell you anything about these two quilts except I took the photos at the Minerva Arts Centre back in 2005.
The Minerva Arts centre is where The Quilt Association of Wales have their headquarters and each summer they put on a small exhibition of beautiful quilts.
From home It's about a 3 hour drive on small country roads but you do pass through glorious countryside that takes your breath away.

This years summer exhibition has not been posted yet but you can bet your life it will be on my agenda.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Red and White

With the The Infinite Variety - Red and White Quilt Exhibition looming at the AMERICAN FOLK ART MUSEUM later this month their are many emails flying around in cyber space about quilters meeting up.
I am not sure NYC will know what has hit them as quilters are flying in from all around the globe to see this exhibition.

Taryn from Repro Quilt Lover has asked we post red and white quilt links on her blog so here is my contribution.

Bought from Jen Jones some years back this small 24in cutter sits nicely as a centre piece on my dinning room table . It is definitely welsh from the quilt design .I also wrote about a Red and White Quilt that I own  here.

I have been going through my photos and found a few more Red and Whites ones from way before blogging days that I will post up over the next few days.

It's going to be an exciting year for Red and White Quilts.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Finishing Off

I really felt I had to knuckle down and get on with some finishing off this week.

I machine quilted my small Hunters star quilt. After finishing it I know now why I send my quilts off to be machine quilted. Even though I did a wonderful couple of days machine quilting with Philippa Naylor mine has not improved. She is truly inspirational on what she achieves on her domestic sewing machine . She has won lots of awards and a couple of her quilts are in the AQS museum in Paduach. Not much chance of mine ever ending up there- But we do live in hope the mine will improve after practice, practice practice.
I also machine quilted my Poets Soldier block quilt and like the backing I chose.
Finally the binding went on the Dutch quilt and my scrappy quilt.

I am just coming to the end of what I need to have ready for our SHIPTON QUILTERS Exhibition in April but now realise I have about 20 sleeves to sew on the backs. Another job I don't like -it seems so unproductive to me.
We have made a lovely charity raffle quilt and all proceeds go to Help For Heroes.
Have a little look at it HERE. I hope it raised lots of money for this worthy cause.