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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Not Quilt Related

Well is been a busy time here and have been on tender hooks for the last week or so waiting for he arrival of grandchild number two. 
He arrived on Monday evening and unlike when Abi arrived wasn't able to go straight to the hospital to welcome him with a grandma hug because I was looking after Abi. 
We welcomed him into the family yesterday morning and think you can see Abi is pretty chuffed with her new brother. 

So here he is the new addition to the family Max Richard. Very pleased they choose Richard after my dear departed. 
A happy grandma I am. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Shipton Exhibition

Sorry I've been a bit slow in getting back to post some more photos from our exhibition last weekend. 

These photos are of the room we put together of antique quilts. 

The red and cream is a gorgeous Durham quilt. 
This Amish one was purchased by one of our members from the Esprit collection when it was being sold off. 
Little collection of doll quilts . 

This is an early English frame quilt. 
Some more gorgeous fabrics in the English frame quilt. 

A couple more crib quilts and a pair of early pink and green pillow cases.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy. 


Friday, 11 April 2014

Shipton Exhibition

Today we have been setting up for our Exhibition which we hold every three years.
We hold it at this glorious building in the Cotswolds called Rendcomb  College, it's a private school. You can hire it out of term time and this is the fourth time for us to set up once again. 

It's a massive undertaking to fill the space and we work in teams setting up in different room. 
We like to theme our areas and this year my team which includes my pic decided by way of a change we would hang antique quilts. 
Meet Emma she is our computer whizzo who likes making quilts out of her old t- shirts. She is amazingly enthusiastic and will miss her when she goes off to university. 
Aileen, mother to three and works full time. She finds time to make small projects and loves a jelly roll.
Sorry your a bit blurred Aileen.
Emma and Aileen mastered the art of getting frames up in no time with Sue and I lagging behind. 
That's Sue on her knees praying for some of our old youth. 

Sue our antique/ vintage quilt collector. Good old Sue we might not have been able to put our room together without all Sue's quilts.
It's starting to come together.

This is our spring section. 
This is summer and it looks like it today with the sun shining through the windows.
Lovely cake stand quilt. 

Lovely soft pink Lone Star with a prairie bonnet

A lovely whole cloth Welsh quilt. 
We've had a fun day together dispite the age difference's . We made a great team ! 
I'll be back posting again in a few days with some more lovely antique quilts.
So if any of you are around and want to spend a day in the most glorious country side and see our groups work we would love to see you. 


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Things We Do in Bed

Yesterday saw me up early and on the road to pick up pic and then head off to Bexleyheath to the official opening of The Things We Do in Bed exhibition at Danson House. 

We arrived to Buck's Fizz (only one I was driving- SHAME) then meet with Tracey Chevalier who has curated  a small exhibition of quilts that depict Birth, Sleep, Sex, Illness and Death at this beautiful 

All set upstairs in the original bedrooms of this  magnificent house we made our way through the rooms. 

It really wasn't a huge house and I could quite envisage a family living there.  
A quick photo with Tracey. I should have worn heels as she towered above me. Well really most people do. 
We made our way through the rooms and although the exhibition is small the quilts were selected for their roles they played within the headings.
I don't know what happened to my camera but the shutter seemed to keep getting stuck so although I took lots of photos they are just not great so can't show you to many. 
Sweet crib quilt in the birth room. 
Lovely old fabrics. 

The prisoners from Wandsworth prison produced a quilt through Fine Cell work and saw lots of guest's  examining individual blocks.
 Sleep quilt . 

The gorgeous Palampore on loan from Jen Jones. 

Here is my Unchained Melody quilt  which when I read the Information card I struggled
to hold back the tears as they had written the lyrics to the song. Seeing those words 
all the emotions and the circumstances behind the making of the quilt just flooded back. 
Can you see the black corners of this shot this is when the camera started to play up. 
I do remember I dropped it a while back so this is probably the problem with them. 
For those of you that don't know the story behind the quilt here is.
This honours my late DH who encouraged me to pursue my hobby. 

I shared a wonderful day with my pic Sue and meet some amazing talented quilt artists.

We finished off with lovely afternoon tea in the Danson House Cafe. 

  The exhibition runs until the 31st October .

Quilts have many reasons for being made and thought these words captured what I felt when
making mine.