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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Dolly Quilts

Dolly Quilts 

I knew these little quilts would come in to use one day. They were made by friends when I had my shop to promote Lori Smiths patterns and a new fabric line that came in .

Aren't they cute I wonder which one little Abigail will choose for her dolly. I know what your thinking- my goodness she is only a week old and she is thinking way ahead.

Before she arrived I really hadn't thought about what if it was a girl. Have read so many post where I hear ( I was taught to sew at my mothers knee) I certainly wasn't given that gift. But perhaps I can pass that gift on to my granddaughter.

So hopefully one of these days this little quilts might just kick of the thought process with her.

Here's hoping.

Monday, 23 January 2012


Blogger. I don't know what is happening! I posted  this morning and  know  lots of you have read the post but have since  had lots of private email to say that you can't leave comments.
All of my this mornings post has  now disappeared so sorry  here I go again if any of you have missed today's post.

I am just going to hit the big news. I am a grandmother- Abigail Rose was born at 8.42pm on the 22nd January weighing in at 8Ib 11oz's. She is gorgeous and looks like a rosebud doll.
Parents are doing well albeit a  little exhausted. 

I  said this morning  she filled me with sadness and joy and I wondered what DH would have made of her.
I hope and pray he watches over and protects her.

Whilst writing this, blogger has crashed out on me twice  so am quickly going to finish  this post before I scream very loud!
Here she is just about an hour old.


Two Presents

Saturday, 14 January 2012

I Won

Remember the Infinite Variety of Red and White in NYC. How could those of us that were there ever forget. What a marvellous exhibition it was! So many fond memories of that trip and meeting up with fellow blogger's from around the world.

I missed my chance to buy one of the exhibition bags as the on site shop sold out within the first few hours. I seem to remember you could order one but they wouldn't post overseas. So I gave up ever owning one of these iconic bags .
Well not until TARYN posted up a give away and I WON the bag.
How thrilled am I. Thanks Taryn. I hope we get to meet up someday. We missed in NYC and missed in Houston 3RD time lucky as they say.

I'm at last posting my Christmas gifts from PIC . Red fabric! and the Quiltmania diary. As always she knows what I like.Thanks PIC.

Nursery curtains are now made and we are now on count down. Baby is due on the 23rd. She looks like she's about to explode and her poor legs and feet are completely swollen .I remember that feeling oh so well even after 36 years.

Hopefully will be posting news of the new arrival sooooooon!


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Train By Quiltings

In my last post I told you we meet up with Ricky Tims on Oxford station.

Take a look on RICKY'S site at his drive by quiltings to see what fun we all seemed to have showing him our quilts.

You could say the BRITS were up for it!

Thanks PIC SUE for talking me into it and thanks Ricky for making a dull dreary rainy day in England FUN!