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Monday, 2 June 2014

Catching up

Their doesn't seem much time for blogging or sewing just lately, life has got far to busy with these two little people. 
Max now 5 weeks old who is constantly hungry but thriving.

Yep that's me in there ! I couldn't stop laughing because as fast as I was trying to put the tent up Abi was trying to get in it. This is our new hideout for picnic and stories. 

A little progress on the sewing front. This is my Sutton Grange started when Di came to last month.
I am a little further on with this but as I'm writing this in bed I don't have an up to date photo.

A few more of my Texas stars completed. 

I went to Quilts UK a few weeks back and saw these quilts keeping this car snug. The one over the windscreen looked to be in pretty good shape and guess the owner is not worried about preserving the past. 
Here's some eye candy from the show and sorry I can't tell you who they belong to as you have to have a programme with their name and number in it. 

Here's hoping I can get back to being a bit more productive soon. We live in hope!!!