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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Pour l'Amour du Fil 2015

Well its certainly been a while since I lasted posted. Life has been a bit on the hectic side but have found a slot to write this post.
My trip to Nantes was hugely successful apart from the night before when I discovered my car wouldn't start. The AA man arrived late evening and run lost of diagnostics from his computer and couldn't find out what was wrong. Gone are the days when they just lifted the bonnet and pushed and pulled a few things. After some time it was decided the car should be towed to the  garage where the keys were left for them. Fortunately Sue had driven up from Cornwall that evening and we were able to set off at 6.30am for the airport in her car. Before I go any further I will tell you now I had a phone call  in France that afternoon from VW to say they had found the fault. Wait for it !!  I had put petrol in my diesel car!
 Duh big Duh I think the diesel pump swapped places with the petrol. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. As you can imagine I came back  to a large bill!!!
Well Nantes was great and will now show you lots of eye candy.
 Bill Volckening's New York Beauty quilts were just wonderful.

Of course I had to have my photo with Bill

Then it was time to find Irene Blancks booth. what lovely fresh quilts Irene makes and she now has a book out with Quiltmania
so these were the two books that came home with me. Bill's is a little on the weighty side and not for bedtime reading and makes a nice addition to my coffee stool.

The weather was wonderful in Nantes and as usual meet up with lots of friends from around the world. We have such a good time when we meet up with these like minds . Randi, Ellen Sue, Sylvia, Irene and myself had dinner together in the evenings but without Irene one of them as she was at the Quiltmania reception.

I will try to get posting some more from this trip in the next few days but with Quilts UK coming up who can tell.



  1. Oh what a fun trip. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. I am sorry about your car problem. Here in the states most pumps won't allow this to happen because the nozzle is a different size, but it happens quite often on the docks in the marina where I work when people pump there own fuel. Glad it didn't upset your trip!

    1. Agh yes Wendy i'm told it wouldn't happen in Australia either as they have the same system. Here in the UK you can't put diesel into petrol as the nozzle is different. I was so mad with myself but have since found that lots of my friends have done it. As you can imagine I'm being extra vigilant when I fill up now!!!

  2. Well, what can I say - I just had to go and order Irene's book, didn't I! The temptation was just too big, LOL

    1. Money well spent as I'm sure your going to love it.

  3. How annoying with the car - just the sort of thing I would do too! Thanks for the pics - what a wonderful display of all sorts of quilts and talented designers! So nice for you to enjoy a catchup too. Look forward to more :)

  4. Hello Sue !
    I'm sorry for your car....just the day before leaving for France !! :((
    Well, you will go to Nantes ! It's that what we remember ! And I hope you spent a wwonderful time !
    Thank you for the photos !

  5. I did the same thing to my car - but it was the other way around. Luckily I didn't start it, but it cost lots of $$$ to have it drained and cleaned, etc. I wrote about it on the blog years ago.
    What a lovely show!! wow the work is absolutely gorgeous thanks for sharing them.

  6. Fantastic quilt display and keep them coming. Sympathies about the petrol and yes you can do it in Aus because my clever husband was guilty of putting petrol into his diesel van - he was really mad and it was very inconvenient. Take care

  7. Great quilts Sue and my book list has just got bigger for Quilts UK.x

  8. So glad to see the car fiasco didn't interrupt your trip! From all accounts it was an amazing quilt show.

  9. So sorry to hear about your car problem. I hope it is all taken care of now and is up and running. Thank you for sharing your Nantes trip! I love Irene's quilts!

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