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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Di Ford Hall and Alzheimers

Thing's happen that prompt me to be writing on my blog again.
I hear from dear Lori at Humble Quilts her mum has passed away after her long struggle with Alzheimer's. It's such a cruel disease that not only robs someone of their mind but robs a family of the person they once knew. 

Recently an unbelievable thing happened with Di Ford Hall contacting me to ask if I would like her Rotherfield  Grey quilt to raffle to raise funds for The Alzheimers Society. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am with this generous donation. 

Those of you who in my early blog days followed my journey with my own husband's Alzheimers illness know what this offer of raising  some funds for the charity means to me. 
This horrible illness dosen't discriminate when it comes to age as my husbands begain at the age of 52. 
 If you think you would like to buy tickets for this worthy cause please email me. 
Tickets are 1.00 each or 5.00 a book of 5. It will be drawn on the 19th November at Cowslip Workshops by Christine Butler from BBC Spotlight and Radio Cornwall.

I can receive money through PayPal for overseas participants but would have to send you a photo of your ticket numbers through email. 
Di has kindly offered to pay for the shipping too so please support us in our bid to raise as much as we can for the beautiful quilt for the benefit of The Alzheimers Society. 

Here is Rotherfield Grey quilt that is featured in Di's book Primarily Quilts published by Quiltmania.
Thank you all and please keep Lori in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time for her. 


  1. Lovely to see you back here PIC.
    I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about Lori's mum. Wouldn't it be amazing to raise a ton of money to work towards a cure? The chance to win one of Di's gorgeous quilts is such a great incentive to buy lots & lots of tickets. I'm just choosing a wall space just in case I should be the lucky winner! X

  2. Ah, you are so sweet and the quilt donation is amazing! Can I find you on paypal with your email address?

    1. PayPal is set to my email address Lori. I hope you are holding up. sue x

    2. It's been harder than I expected it would be. But I'm moving forward. Look for a donation via paypal.

  3. I would love to buy some tickets but can't find a way to email you. When I clicked on your profile it took me to google+ saying I had reached the end whatever that means. You can reach me at

    1. Have reset everything email is in my profile now

  4. I would also like to buy some tickets to win that gorgeous quilt but I can't find an email address on your page. Can you please let us know where to send emails to?

    1. Have reset my profile with email address Fran. Thank you

  5. What a generous and lovely donation. Wow! Such an iconic quilt.
    I remember that time with your husband and how you handled it with such grace.
    I'm thinking of Lori. The early days are so difficult.

  6. what a lovely quilt to be donated to the cure for Alzhemiers. i have been unable to get the email to work for a donation. could you email thanks so much

  7. Kathy, you have no email address on your profile so can't email. If you go into my profile and click on my email address you can get hold of me. Others have so don't understand why your having a problem.
    Thanks Sue