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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Presents and Rural Life

Look what Santa bought me.
This is a gift from me to me. Well if you want quilty things you just  sometimes have to buy them yourself. This is a lovely book to add to my collection. The bookshelves are groaning  but I really had to have this one.
Santa even bought me this- He was disguised as PIC and as she has treated herself to one too  we can have a nice fun  day  putting our pin keepers together - together.

My Christmas was just lovely with my family here and rather over indulged and partook in too much food and the grape  and was feeling I must walk it off.   My dear friend who looks after Mery when I go away happened to ring up and suggested I head off over to her place for a good  walk with our dogs.

She lives in a small  village in Herefordshire and thought I would show you some photos of this charming unspoilt area of England.
This is the church,  I have know idea how old it is but made completely out of corrugated iron.It was locked so couldn't go in to see what it is like inside. If I  had a tin opener I probably could cut a my way in.  I guess it would be like  stepping back in time 
Then we have the  post box  and bus stop. No buses today .  They probably get one a week. 

Lovely old timber framed  cottages

 I love this converted barn .I was wondering what the ceiling inside was like.

Beautiful stone farmhouse. A real fav of mine . I love houses that look like dolls houses. Oh I could play in this one for hours.

Then as you climb up the road to the top of the hill you get this lovely view.

That Mery is one crazy dog -  I know just  what she's thinking-  It's good to be ALIVE.
Here's the girls just posing before the walk back down from the common. They were so filthy dirty after all the rain we've been having we decided to wash them off in the stream further down the hill.
WELL that was my intention but Mery had a better idea and promptly jumped out of the stream and  pulled me in!!!!!! and yes I was wet up to my knees.

Next post will be the great reveal . The Vermont quilt challenge that Jill, Barb and Lori have been working on. Watches have been synchronised. We are emailing photos to one another first before we blog. My time is 6pm on the 1st January  followed by Barb and Jill at 1pm  and Lori 10am. US of A time.That way we should all see what one and other have created at the same time. It's a kind of show and tell but we are hundreds of miles apart. Kinda fun .

Tell next time.

Friday, 21 December 2012


Well , count down has begun for the fun and festivities  and this week I received a couple of gifts that are now sitting happily on the Christmas tree.
 The lovely heart arrived this week from Virginia who by then  was on her way back to Melbourne to be with her family for Christmas. If you read this Virginia thank you it is charming  and love it and hope you have a wonderful time. The peg doll was made by one of my lovely quilt group. Thank  you Pam - she loves fiddling about with small things.We call her the fiddler.
I found this Christmas panel left over from when I had the shop and am thrilled to be able to make it into a Santa sack for my little precious . You wouldn't believe it I woke up one night this week at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep so set to making the sack using three layers of batting to make his beard more prounounced and appliqued her name on the back using blanket stitch on the machine.
Job Done .
 Partner in crime called over to see me yesterday and was telling how my house looked so festive and should put photos up for you all to see. This year I have made more of an effort as I am more settled in my new home and in my own mind.

Yeah and look who's coming to Grandmas house this Christmas - This girl likes pearls!
I have  had a wonderful year meeting up with old and making new quilting buddies.
So here's wishing you all a VERY HAPPY AND PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS  from my house to yours wherever you are .

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Nostalgia

Every year when I get the decorations out nostalgia creeps in. Almost every tree ornament tells a story.
We always bought a Christmas decoration back from our trips and when I start to unwrap them I think about where and how we came by them and find it so nice to have these memories.
It's a tradition I'm keeping up and this year have a couple more to add to the tree.

Here's this years addition. A boat from Boothbay Harbor.
Is the skipper a lobster, yes I think so. That's one that escaped the pot.

This little collection is a tin soldier from Williamsburg bought in 2002.
Pinoccio - bought at a little toy shop in the Piazza Navona in Rome in 2005.
Then we had a wool ornament and that little treasure was sent to me by Francis at

Yeah. Can you guess where?
Then New Hampshire and the Red Cardinal was bought at the American Folk Art museum in 2011 when I was their for the Infinite Variety of Red and White Quilts. Well I did have to have something red !
I have several of these little guys. They are made by Gary Starr of Starr decoys in VT and he writes on the back the year that they are carved.

My Dalana horse from one of my trips to see my friend in Sweden

We could be here all night at this rate so will finish with these last few a Vermont snowman bought in 2007 . The Texas longhorn from Houston 2011 and I always have to have something with a pumpkin on and cannot tell me where that one was picked up.

I leave you today with my latest addition to the Christmas scene my lovely red and green quilt I purchased at the Brimfield show in July and of course my Williraye nativity scene adorns the top.
Hope your all getting prepped for Christmas.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

American Museum Part Two

Some more photos from the American Museum that I took last weekend.