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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Nostalgia

Every year when I get the decorations out nostalgia creeps in. Almost every tree ornament tells a story.
We always bought a Christmas decoration back from our trips and when I start to unwrap them I think about where and how we came by them and find it so nice to have these memories.
It's a tradition I'm keeping up and this year have a couple more to add to the tree.

Here's this years addition. A boat from Boothbay Harbor.
Is the skipper a lobster, yes I think so. That's one that escaped the pot.

This little collection is a tin soldier from Williamsburg bought in 2002.
Pinoccio - bought at a little toy shop in the Piazza Navona in Rome in 2005.
Then we had a wool ornament and that little treasure was sent to me by Francis at

Yeah. Can you guess where?
Then New Hampshire and the Red Cardinal was bought at the American Folk Art museum in 2011 when I was their for the Infinite Variety of Red and White Quilts. Well I did have to have something red !
I have several of these little guys. They are made by Gary Starr of Starr decoys in VT and he writes on the back the year that they are carved.

My Dalana horse from one of my trips to see my friend in Sweden

We could be here all night at this rate so will finish with these last few a Vermont snowman bought in 2007 . The Texas longhorn from Houston 2011 and I always have to have something with a pumpkin on and cannot tell me where that one was picked up.

I leave you today with my latest addition to the Christmas scene my lovely red and green quilt I purchased at the Brimfield show in July and of course my Williraye nativity scene adorns the top.
Hope your all getting prepped for Christmas.


  1. Beautiful tree and such a wonderful way to remember...and of course the quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful, Sue...traditional treasures are so special, thanks for sharing.

    :) Carolyn

  3. A beautiful tree that is full of memories and I love that quilt.

  4. What wonderful treasures! As I unpacked mine, I counted 7 states and 1 country (Germany). Evidently I need to be traveling more, LOL.

  5. So sweet and such tender memories. I love your tree! Is it living?

  6. Sue, I have ornaments collected through the years too, and they seem like old friends when they come out at Christmas each year. Thanks for sharing the ones on your tree. It's a special collection. Your tree is lovely...........Sarah

  7. Beautiful ornaments....and better yet, the memories of wonderful trips! You definitely have a treasure from the Brimfield show. I used to go every year when we lived in Massachusetts, but I haven't been in years! I guess I need to go back now! :o)

  8. Beautiful quilt. I would love to have a quilt like that. Great find. Thanks for sharing your collection of ornaments.

  9. Thanks for sharing your ornament memories. I think that is a wonderful way to remember your trips. Great quilt acquisition!!

  10. The best ornaments, fancy or simple, are the ones that trigger our memories. Your Christmas decorations are lovely, especially that quilt. Happy holidays.

  11. It is good to have mementos of special times. I love your red and green quilt, perfect colours for Christmas!

  12. Wonderful ornaments - and all so special to you :) Love your quilt on the table - looks so good there!
    Every Stitch

  13. how fun to see your ornaments - what a great collection filled with memories.
    I have the SAME pinoccio ornament from Italy!
    lovely quilt and nativity scene

  14. Beautiful tree Sue and I absolutely adore your nativity scene. I am right behind the eightball this year and still have to put the tree up and unpack my favourite decorations. I also get very nostalgic at Christmas and remember the wonderful times of times past in the old family home in Sydney. Take care.

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  16. I love your Christmas display, Sue; memories... And you will have new memories this year, Christmas with your granddaughter?

  17. We have that same tradition, isn't it wonderful to be reminded of good times whilst having fun decorating the tree.

  18. What a beautiful collection of ornaments and memories. Beausitful quilt and decorating.
    Have a wonderful holiday - and looking forward to new adventures / travels in 2013!