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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gorgeous Purse

Yeah, look what arrived in the post for me yesterday. Don't you just love it, I do and it as sent to me by Virginia who is returning to her native Australia very soon. 

Their I was thinking she was going to be around till the summer and we could have squeezed a small outing somewhere before she went but it's not to be. 

I know I am going to have serious purse envy from some of my buddies so thank you Virginia. 
I hope you enjoy being back home with you freinds and family and hope to meet up on your side of the world one of these days. 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Border or Not

I have been pretty fed up this weekend, the specific parasite that I picked up in India is back with me. I was at the hospital yesterday morning where they ran some test and it seems it has been laying dormant since my last round of antibiotics.
Yesterday I just shivered and had a high temperature so I just lay on the sofa with movie's and my glorious fire on. 
Today I'm feeling a bit better as the antibiotic seems to get to work pretty quickly and have just been doing some hand sewing on my Texas star blocks. 

I got my Jane's Garden together earlier in the week but now here's the question? border or no border. Di hadn't finished her quilt when we did the workshop in Nantes. As it is now is how Di gave it to us drawn up. 
The border fabric is the same as around the appliqué centre. Luckily I had some of that one in my stash. 

Slowly, slowly my Texas star is coming on. 

 So it's back to my fire and resting, but before I go I forgot to tell you that it was a big birthday for partner in crime a few days after mine. I thought it needed a present to remember and saw this lovely folk art painting. I really loved it especially as the girl is holding a pumpkin. Sue always helped me on my stand at the quilt shows when I had my shop The Pumpkin Patch  so she seemed appropriate for my special friends Big Birthday. 
Just looked after I published and find the original photo from Audrey's site is not coming up on my blog, but do go and have a read of her blog and look at her Etsy site. 
Till next time. 


Sunday, 9 February 2014


Yes Mery certainly is.
Just a quick post to show where I'm at.
Difficult to tell really with Dog lying over my Jane's Garden. Why do they do this when she has a perfectly good sofa to lye on!!!!