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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gorgeous Purse

Yeah, look what arrived in the post for me yesterday. Don't you just love it, I do and it as sent to me by Virginia who is returning to her native Australia very soon. 

Their I was thinking she was going to be around till the summer and we could have squeezed a small outing somewhere before she went but it's not to be. 

I know I am going to have serious purse envy from some of my buddies so thank you Virginia. 
I hope you enjoy being back home with you freinds and family and hope to meet up on your side of the world one of these days. 



  1. So gorgeous.....lovely fabrics.

  2. What a beautiful gift! Bag envy indeed! Sorry your friend moved so far away.

  3. Hello Sue:

    This is so very pretty and beautifully made. Indeed we, who as you are most likely aware, cannot sew on the proverbial button are filled with complete admiration. You will have much pleasure in using this which will also act as a constant reminder of your friend, Virginia.

  4. how lovely! yes, I have purse envy what a lovely gift!

  5. Oh I have major purse envy! The purse is lovely!

  6. Oh that is seriously gorgeous! And yes - I am truly envious! Thanks for supporting my work over the last few weeks - you may be interested in my new thing - plus I have a Giveaway! xCathy