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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bill's Qult

A home day today and I finished Bills quilt. Bill an elderly gentleman who's wife is in the same nursing home as my husband asked me if I could make a quilt. He says when his wife went into the nursing home he got rid of their double bed and he bought himself a single one. I am sure he feels that he needs a bit of comfort from a quilt. I hope he likes it as he left it entirely up to me. I should add that he paints wonderful oil paintings and presented me with one last year. It is a beautiful picture of my garden which he had painted from a photograph. It is truly a marvelous picture and captured the herbaceous borders beautifully.
Don't you just love Mery, Why does she do that to every quilt I lay down. She surely thinks its another one for her to cosy up onto.Its now ready to go off to be quilted at. Frome Valley Quilting.
I also did a quick 15 minutes in the garden, It was so cold I didn't last long out there but look what I spotted the first snowdrops have popped up. Give it another couple of weeks and I will have hundreds of them all round the garden along with lots of Hellebore's. Spring is on the way now their's a nice thought.

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