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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Brown and Pink

A couple of weeks ago I did a  show and tell  for a quilt group who had asked to see my quilts. So before  I packed them away I took a few photo's as they might not see the light of day for a while again.

I love quilts with brown in them and this has rather a lot of brown  with  double pink.

Isn't it nice to get your quilts out from time to time and just look at them and see them with a fresh eye.
Pauline who asked me to do the talk took lots of photos and it's nice for me to see them from a distance. Sometimes that's the best way to view them LOL .
Brown and Pink Medallion.

When Pauline asked me to do this talk a year ago  for Poppy Down Quilters I thought OK-  small quilt group 20 people- no problem. Then the week before she told me they had sold 120 tickets and did I need a microphone. At this point I nearly died and had some sleepless nights in the run up to it. Thankfully it seemed to go well . So thank you ladies for being so appreciative and making the day fun.
Happy Easter to you all


  1. I think it is wonderful you had such a large audience...your quilts (and you!) deserve it!

  2. Your quilt looks so soft and pretty.

  3. Sue, stopping by this evening to catch up on your recent posts and to wish you a Happy Easter. Abigail is darling. Fun to see some photos of her, and all your quilts are stunning. Thanks for sharing the quilts from the show as well. ~ Sarah

  4. How fun to see your quilts up on stage ;-) where they belong - a real quilt show.
    What a nice opportunity!

  5. OH I would have bought a ticket to see your quilts too!
    glad you had fun and I know the audience did too.
    Love pink and brown quilts...

  6. What a treat it would be to see so many of your quilts! Lucky group they were. Happy Easter to you!

  7. Happy Easter Sue. Love the colour combination.

  8. Good for you!! That was very brave! I bet they really enjoyed your quilts and your talk. Pink and brown is such a lovely combo. Yours is beautiful and has some very pretty prints in it :0)

  9. That is a gorgeous quilt!@ It doesn't surprise me at all about the full house!!