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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Civil War Blocks

At last I really feel like sewing again . It's taken me while to get my head together and have been digging out some old project's  that need to be finished before I start anything new.

Remember these. My Barbara Brackman Civil war blocks. Their are 52 in the serious but I have decided to go with what I have. Well add  just one more.

Next phase is this. I have  framed them .

This is what I have now.
Big decision is what border.? I can't seen to find anything I like so looks like I will have go with a scrappy one either flying geese or square in a square on point. I have a whole box of this fabric so it's another way of helping with the de- stashing.

What would you do?

Just a little peek at the girl who is going to hopefully inherit my quilts one day.

She loves rice cakes ,  sucks them and make them all soggy and then  share's  with granny. YUM YUM.



  1. I like the idea of the flying geese border! This quilt is really beautiful......I love that you framed the blocks. Very nice!

  2. Oh, the quilt is beautiful. A flying geese border would be wondeful.

  3. Sue, I hope this little sweetie inherits your quilting talents too. You'll have to start her off young.
    Love the way you've arranged the squares. Very pretty!

  4. beautiful blocks. The soft color pallet is pretty. A scrappy border should good, I'm into flying geese at the moment.
    Oh, what a cutie! Just want to cuddle with those cheeks!

  5. Hello Sue:
    Your quilt is coming along beautifully. The framing of the individual squares is a great idea and really sets off each one individually. The colours are charming and everything looks perfectly complementary. As for a border well, we who cannot a thread a needle would not dare to suggest, but we look forward to seeing the finished product. An heirloom indeed for the adorable one!

  6. Love the colour palette of this quilt project. I'm sure whatever border you choose the finished quilt will be stunning. Just keep those soggy rice cakes away from it!

  7. Your blocks are so pretty, and the setting really makes it! I think a scrappy border will be great.

  8. What a beautiful girl, and so generous to share those soggy cakes!
    Scrappy is always good, but then again - do you need a border?

  9. Love your blocks and the setting!! I think a pieced border would be lovely!

    Abigail is so cute! I bet those rice cakes taste delish!

  10. I have been listening to the geese flying overhead at Blue Anchor this morning on their way to pastures new so it seems fitting that here you are talking about adding fabric ones to your quilt. I think they will be a perfect choice. Abi is just gorgeous.

  11. It's going to look terrific whatever finish you choose. Glad you're digging into things again.

  12. OH Sue I love how you set the blocks look great,
    Oh my she is getting so big! what a treasure in your life,

  13. Flying geese would look great with these lovely blocks, but with the variety in your blocks, any kind of pieced border would look right. A large scale floral print with blues and tans would be great, but if you're working from stash, then pieced will be perfect.
    Your sashing was time consuming and detailed and is a fabulous frame for the blocks. Well done, Sue.

  14. Goodness gracious, that little angel gets prettier every day. What a lucky granny you are!

  15. What a little darlin!!! Cute that she shares with granny!!

    Your quilt is going to be wonderful whatever you do!