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Sunday, 1 December 2013


I'm sure you may be wondering what I bought in India as textiles are so deep seated there.  

I bought these three books and am enjoying reading the history of textiles from the area where I travelled. 

This book is full of fabric samples which I just so full of in depth colour. 

I lovely paisley print and spotted this one that I had to have.

I couldn't resist this lovely silk either. Not sure what I will do with it but thought is gorgeous. 

Last but not least I tolld you we did some block printing with my sponsor child and two of the other little ones . They had such fun using a camel and peacock block.

I had fun using a large paisley block.

The morning we had block printing was such fun and was marvellous to watch how quickly the men blocked a whole table cloth with several colours being layered on top of one and other with such precision. 



  1. Those books look wonderful! And the block printing is fantastic! You could do yardage with that paisley block for a fantastic quilt project! Beautiful!

  2. Taht is so cool! The block printing looks amazing.

  3. Those books are so special and the fabric you bought is amazing....that piece of silk!!!!!!!!! So gorgeous.

  4. Great books and fabric. The block printing is cool too.