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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Birthday Girls

It's been a while since posting as   their hasn't  been much to post about until this week. We've had quite a lot of snow and the first since moving here to this  house. It was so nice to see the local children out on the sledges and having fun. We now have a new resident in the road . You can't see it but they put stones in his chest in the shape of a heart. Not sure if this guy knows whether it's summer or winter with the sunglasses.
Having lots of snow does give you an excuse to not think about anything else but just hitting the sewing room which is what I have done. Remember these?

Well have achieved and awful lot of late and only now have 42  to make before I can put the quilt together. and to date have made 322. Total needed is 364.
I am cracking on with them as I want this finished it has been so long in the making with so many emotions stitched into it.

Now their have been another couple of  events this week. I've had a birthday and look what I got from PIC  Sue. Isn't it just fab- Sue went on a course to the Buggy Barn  with Maggie Bonanomi  a coupe of years back and I got to see her work when we went to The Pour L'Armour dul Fil in Nantes last year. . Guess your all wondering why she has put 2011 - well it;s the year I moved in to this new house . Can you see who is sitting by the house too. It's my Mery. It's is such a fantastic unique gift from my friend and both cushion and friend are  treasured.

Oh no grandma are you really that OLD. Yes! you can talk  its your Birthday too.
Can you believe it it's Abi's 1st Birthday too - where has that year gone. It only seem 5 minutes ago I was sharing the first picture of  her when she wasn't even an hour old.

I'm on a mission so it's back to making those little Klosjes.

Till next time.

I am really cracking on with them now as I want this finsihed it has been far to long in the making.


  1. Hello Sue:
    The cushion is absolutely lovely and made so much more special as it is so personal to you. Lovely!

    We cannot believe that you have made so many squares for the quilt and yet still have more to go. We can only think that you need to be snowbound for longer yet in order to meet the target before spring!!!

    Abi gets more adorable by the day!

  2. Love, love the wool applique pillow!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Sue, and to Abi! She's a doll! And those Klosjes are so great.....I can't wait to see them all together! Beautiful hooked pillow.....what a treasure!

  4. Gosh Sue,
    Cannot believe that Abi is 1 years old already. Just where has all that time gone. What a fabulous birthday present she was for you. Love the cushion and I remember the klosjes. You will soon have a quilt, mine are languishing in a box somewhere.I shall content myself with looking at yours. Happy Birthday to you both.x

  5. Where has that year gone! Happy birthday Sue, love your cushion. Enjoy the snow, we are cooking down here.

  6. Happy Birthday Sue! What a beautiful pillow - a special gift! Abi looks like such a sweetie. What a fun snowman :0) Good luck with your klosjes - they will make such a lovely quilt!

  7. Happy Birthday belated :) Love your pile of klosjes - doing well, keep going... And such a cute granddaughter!
    Every Stitch

  8. Happy Birthday! That last picture of Abi made me laugh out loud. What a cutie. Hard to believe we were ever that small once.

  9. Happy birthday, Sue. I can't believe you moved to your new home way back in 2011, but your lovely pillow wouldn't lie. The days and weeks and months -- just zoom, zoom, zoom.
    Your little Abi is adorable. Grandchildren give us such joy, and this little gal looks especially huggable. How special that your birthdays are close.

  10. Happy Birthday to you and Abi! Love your klosjes - glad you are playing with them again. Your new pillow looks fabulous and right at home there on the chair. What a good friend you have!

  11. Happy birthday to you and Abi. She is the sweetest one year old! Can I be an honorary Auntie? lol
    Love your spool blocks!!

  12. Happy birthday Sue and hope it was a happy one. WOW can't believe that Abi is a year old and time certainly flies. Love the cushion from your friend - a new treasure for your lovely home. Happy birthday.

  13. Happy birthdays, girls!!!!
    Love the cushion :-)

  14. Love your little spool blocks.....I made a few and they are adorable ..3" blocks seem to be a favorite these days!!

  15. Dearest Sue, a belated Happy Birthday to you. Wish I had realized, I would have sent a card. Abi is so beautiful, my little one is nearing 4 months and I was given a special treat today, I watched a video take this morning with mummy asking Ella to do one of her roll overs...what fun it was to see her. I wait with anticipation and excitement on your finishing your klosjes quilt, I fell in love with your blocks away back when? Your birthday gift is so very comfy and homey looking, enjoy it. Have a happy day.
    My blog has sort of moved still on blogger but had problems over the past summer began a new one so I could return to the land of blogging. LOL somehow this one takes you to the new one not the old one, silly don't you think?