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Saturday, 18 January 2014

More Jane's Garden

The last week has seen me down with another cold which once again seems to have gone to my chest. What is it with me, when my dear departed was in the nursing home I used to go for my every other day visits when all sorts of cough, colds and viruses were rife and not catch a thing !!! but now I just seem to catch every cold that is passing by.

So I stayed in the warm and although feeling groggy sat with the fire alight and good  DVD's and made progress with Jane's Garden. I'm now ready to continue making the surrounding blocks and feel this part of the quilt will go more quickly than my appliqué which I do struggle with. 

You may remember that I talked about one of my quilts going into an Exhibition this year. Just before Christmas the museum curator contacted me to ask if I would mind if they used my quilt for the publicity for the exhibition. Would I mind!!!! Of course I'm  absolutely over the moon, who wouldn't be? 

It's being curated by Tracey Chevalier author of The Girl With The Pearl Earring and who's latest book The Last Runaway has been read by many of you as its about a quilter. 

Here is the link to the Exhibition which is called What Goes On Behind The Bedroom Door and is being held at Danson House

I'm looking forward to seeing how they put this exhibition together when the quilters are so diverse.


  1. Congrats on your quilt being in the exhibition! That's wonderful! And this vase block is absolutely lovely! Beautiful work!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Your applique block is just lovely. Thanks for sharing your good news...feel better soon.

  3. Your applique piece is beautiful. The fabrics are exquisite. I just love the border, that makes it look like lace.

  4. How exciting to be invited to be in the exhibit!
    Feel better. Your applique is beautiful!

  5. Your applique looks wonderful and what exciting news about your quilt being part of this prestigious exhibition. Take care.

  6. How exciting to have your quilt chosen for the exhibit! Hope you are feeling better soon...

  7. How fun to be asked to share in the exhibit, although the title sounds a little risque! LOL Your applique basket is beautiful Sue!! Hope you are feeling better by now.

  8. Well done all round Sue. Stay warm and get well soon.x