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Thursday, 20 March 2014

In Vogue

After the sadness of losing my mum a couple of weeks back I want to thank you all for your lovely messages you left me. I'm sorry I didn't reply to you individually but it was such a shock and their was so much to do in a very short space of time.
It goes without saying it meant a great deal to me that you took the trouble to write. Thank you seems completely inadequate.

My pic friend Sue's daughter sent me the following article from VOQUE magazine and it did make me smile. Who'd of thought that at my age I would be appearing in this prestigious magazine for all the wrong reasons.
A very nice article advertising the forthcoming exhibition at Danson House that Tracey Chevalier has curated.
My quilt Unchained Melody is being used in the exhibition and for the advertising literature. I immediately went to buy a couple of copies and thought i would pop one in the post to my mum. It's things like this that hit hard and is going to take some time before I realise she isn't at the end of the telephone.
We played mum out to  Matt Monroe's Sofly As You Leave Us. I do hope she would have been proud to see me in Vogue even if I'm not a super model. No chance of that ever of happening with me being on five foot nothing!



  1. Sue, I know the feeling. My mom passed away a year and a half ago, and I still find myself wanting to pick up the phone and call her.

    Lots of not-so-fun stuff to do in the aftermath as well. Good luck with all that.

    And congratulations on your Vogue appearance!


  2. My street cred has gone up with my daughter, now that she knows I have a friend who has appeared in Vogue! Thank you my PIC XXX

  3. I think it's exciting that your quilt is in Vogue magazine!!

  4. Congratulations Sue! now that will be nice to drop in to conversations.." when I was in Vogue magazine" :)

  5. Looks like a nice article but it's hard to soothe a sad heart. xxoo

  6. What a wonderful treat to have your quilt in Vogue. I believe your mum knows and she is thrilled. Blessings, Greta

  7. Congrats on the magazine, and I'm sure your mom is very proud. Hope you are finding time to do some stitching.

  8. Sending hugs and prayers...Congrats on getting in the magazine!!!! Wonderful!!!! I think it is great to have something you created in it!!!

  9. I somehow think that your mum was always proud of you :-)

  10. I too think your mum knows and is smiling down for you.
    It's wonderful to see you in Vogue, and congrats for being "on tour"

  11. It talked such a long time to really fully grasp the loss of someone as important as you Mother. It's been over 20 for and I still miss sharing important things with her.
    In Vogue - how exciting! congratulations and you always look like a model when I've seen you :)