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Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Day With Di Ford

What a special day we had on Saturday with Di Ford coming to do a workshop at my home. I know everyone learnt such a lot from her in the time she spent with us. 
My goodness I'm looking at my fabric in a whole new light now and am really beginning to think I'm in double trouble with my stash because as I look at it ( not even going to show you the cupboard) I think I can double the size of it as it seems it has two uses. One for peicing and two how I look at fussy cutting it. 
Now I really do need to either sit and sew day in and day out for the rest of my lifetime or find the elixir of life so i can get through the mountain of fabric. 
Di bought some of her quilts to show us and the detail in them is simply amazing.

Detail in Rotherfield Grey

The Morrell Quilt

Everyone listening intently to Di
This is Sutton Grange which we made a start on. 

And guess what Mery even got to lie down on Di's quilts. I hear you all gasping! But Di didn't mind one bit and requested I take a photo of her. I guess my girl knows a good quilt when she sees it! 

A final decision was made about the border to my Jane's Garden which I started with Di in Nantes last year. It now needs to go off to the longarm quilter. 
I measured and re measured through the centre of the quilt but it seems to have very wavy edges. It's a much finer fabric than the rest of the quilt so am hoping Sandy will work her magic and it will come out right in the end. 
I even got a photo at long last with Shirley

Of course I had to have a photo with Di too and I'm just noticing the French dressing I spilt all down my sweater. 
What a wonderful day with freinds, good food and a great teacher. 
We love you Di, please come back to the UK again soon or we may all have to emigrate to Melbourne.



  1. You'd never be lonely if you emigrated, there's plenty of us here with the same passion.

  2. Wow! What a great day spent absorbing so much information! Her quilts are lovely and I love the border you chose for Jane's garden.

  3. What's a few dog hairs between friends?

    Beautiful quilts!!

  4. Oh what a thrill, I may be just a teensy bit jealous! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  5. Wasn't it one amazing day? Thank you Sue for organizing it all + making it happen, Thank you to all the lovely, lovely ladies that took part + most of all a massive thank you to Di for making it such a magical day for us all.
    PS I think Di gave us permission to grow our fabric stashes. Yay!!

  6. Di Ford - at your house!! That's more exciting than a movie star or rock star!! Wow what a day it must have been! Love the borders - that fabric is gorgeous!

  7. Couldn't agree more Janet. We had a fabulous day and so lucky to meet such a clever and down to earth lady. Definitely more exciting than rock stars and movie queens. Here is to growing the stash even bigger now. Thanks Sue for inviting me. Xx

  8. Well I agree with the others - wow - what a treat! And I love the 'doubling of the stash' - so true. Your quilt is so beautiful - look forward to seeing it quilted :)

  9. Oh My Gosh!! Di Ford at your house!! Lucky ladies!! Her quilts are absolutely beautiful. And Sue, your Jane's Garden is stunning!!

  10. Lucky you! Her quilts are wonderful and rich and your Jane's Garden is nothing to sneeze at either. I love your colour and fabric choices. It is going to be something special when it is quilted!

  11. I can't imagine getting my act together and hosting a day with a quilt celebrity such as Di Ford. You're a lady with a wonderful sense of confidence to do that, Sue. How special for you, and how fortunate for all who were able to attend. Love seeing the photo of you and Shirley together, two of my favorite bloggers. Love her dimples, and your French dressing adds just the right touch of daily reality to the event :)
    BTW -- your Jane's Garden is a beauty of major proportions!

  12. Thank you for sharing! I would have been quilt star struck!

  13. I am sitting here across the pond, green with envy and in total awe. You are so lucky and so are we that you shared this special moment with a special lady. Di's quilts are gorgeous and to get to see them and touch them must have been awesome. Your Jane's Garden is wonderful - am anxious to see it quilted.


  14. Wow! Di Ford at your house! So special!! I did two workshops with her, at Petra Prins'shop in Zutphen in The Netherlands and met her again during an exhibition of her quilts in The Netherlands just after her Quiltmania book came out (which she kindly signed for me) and she is such a special lady. An enormous talent, but also so friendly and fun. You had a very special day,enjoy the memories!

  15. What stunning quilts - how lovely to see them in the flesh (ps we'd never have noticed the salad dressing if you hadn't mentioned it)

  16. Sue, I've never seen such intricate, detailed quilts like these before, they are just jaw droppingly beautiful.
    FYI I possess a few shirts with similar stains on them!

  17. Wow, what an experience! I am GREEN! Who cares about salad dressing stain! I would be dribbling also, LOL.
    And your Jane's Garden - lovely :-)

  18. What a lovely day you must have had!
    Your Jane's Garden is absolutely beautiful!