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Monday, 2 February 2015

At Last

Yes as last I'm back, January I was full of cold for most of the time but my head is now clear and sewing has commenced again. 
So what have been up too, well I finished Max's quilt and when he's big enough for his cot bed it will be ready for him.

Then I finished my Texas Stars and it took a while to decided on the fabric to set them in. I was determined to dig into my stash and after lots of diliberation came up with this one. It's will be going to Cornwall at the end of the month for quilting. 

So now it's back to my Di Ford Sutton Grange. This is going to take me a while and I still have Abi's quilt to get on with too

It's really cold here at the moment but have escaped the snow that has been falling further north. It's just the weather for staying inside by the fire and sewing and that's just what I'm going to do. 

Happy stitching. 


  1. My but you have been busy! Love both quilts and I love the Sutton Grange block. Star warm by the fire and quilt! It is 3 degrees Fahrenheit in Bath, Maine right now with a wind chill factor of 15 below zero! Maybe the 18" of snow that is coming with it will warm things up!

  2. Wonderful star quilts! Love the initials!

  3. Sounds like good weather for sewing indoors. Max's quilt is great, love the red and blue. Perfect choice for Texas stars too.

  4. Despite the cold you have kept busy. Max will lve his quilt and your Texas Stars are beautiful. Hope to see it up close. Stay warm indoors and keep stitching. X

  5. You know what Sue ? Your two quilts are awesome !! Bravo !!
    January was so productive for you.... :)))
    Is your Sutton Grange a BOM please ? Or you are making it with your own fabrics ? Because it's a perfect center block !! (I know Shirley makes it too !)
    Have a great day ! It's snowing here.....
    Hugs from France !

  6. I like that you put the initials on the quilt. Personalizes it.

  7. Nice to see you back :-), love Max's quilt.
    Keep warm!

  8. Very nice Sue! Is it possible Max is ready for a big boy bed? I hope you are healthy the rest of the winter.

  9. I love the background you're using for your Sutton Grange. Do you know the name of manufacturer and fabric line? I'd love to try to find some.