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Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumn is Here

Things have at last turned with the trees I planted when I came here two years ago. 

I have beautiful autumn colours in my garden and trying to imagine how much bigger  and better these trees will get in the next few years. 

A little bit of fall decorating going on here too
 Inside just a tiny bit of decorating before I go off on a major trip to India. 

I'm of to Rajasthan to see amongst other things my sponsor child who I will be meeting for the first time in Jaipur. 
I've sponsored her since she was six weeks old and she is coming up to eight years old so it's TIME we meet. 
This time next  week I will be Agra and visiting the Taj Mahal and lots of other places along the way including a textile museum and the Pushkar Camel Fair. 
Just praying I don't get traded for Camel not sure that would go down with the family !!!!

I might be able to blog on my journey depending when and if I get wifi. 

So watch this space the next photos you might see is of me riding an Elephant!!!!

Till soon. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Jane's Garden

You may remember that I took a class with Di Ford in Nantes in April. The class was appliqué and I'm not an appliqué girl but absolutely love it and am in awe of you all out there that make huge quilts using this method.
I'm determined to finish my Jane's garden and thought you might like to see how far I am with it. 
No close up photo's it's best looked at from a distance. 
Now if any of you bloggers that were on the class ( you know who you are) I would love to see your progress.

These are the blocks that will surround it which I'm thoroughly enjoying making. 
Partner in crime Sue hunted down the cable fabric on the Internet and we ordered just enough so we didn't get hammered by customs duty. Well the guy who read the customs label totally misread it and not only did we get hammered but the post office added their charge of 8.00 pounds for the privilege of collecting it. Pretty sure that guy needs new glasses !
Right...that piece of cable is expensive so I'm being very careful when I cut it !!!

The winter nights have drawn In here and now find myself sitting in front of the TV and making some more of the Texas Stars and have another two to add to the pile. 

Quickly signing off as Downton Abbey has just come on the TV. 


Thursday, 3 October 2013

At Last

I have at last got back to some sewing. We've had such a fab summer that I just was out and about making the most of the sunshine. Things have cooled off here now so my thoughts are back to sewing again. 

I'm plodding on with my texas stars and have using the Ardco templates for these blocks.

Next I have been making a new hunters star for one of my beds in my guest room.
Just a border to go on and it's ready for the quilter ( not me) LOL !
I use Deb Tuckers Rapid Star ruler for this. It's fool proof and if you haven't used one of Debs products they make life very easy for you. 
Not sure the colour is showing terribly well but it's duck egg blue.

Finally this arrived yesterday. All I can say is it's fabulous!!! I tried to read it in bed last night but it's to heavy to hold while propped up. More serious reading is required. If you love chintz this is the book for you. 

Last but not least i know you all love an update on my little munchkin. This is her last week at Birdland. Oh she loved the penguins, I think if given half the chance she would have been in with them . 

She's Growing like a weed.
Till next time. 

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