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Thursday, 3 October 2013

At Last

I have at last got back to some sewing. We've had such a fab summer that I just was out and about making the most of the sunshine. Things have cooled off here now so my thoughts are back to sewing again. 

I'm plodding on with my texas stars and have using the Ardco templates for these blocks.

Next I have been making a new hunters star for one of my beds in my guest room.
Just a border to go on and it's ready for the quilter ( not me) LOL !
I use Deb Tuckers Rapid Star ruler for this. It's fool proof and if you haven't used one of Debs products they make life very easy for you. 
Not sure the colour is showing terribly well but it's duck egg blue.

Finally this arrived yesterday. All I can say is it's fabulous!!! I tried to read it in bed last night but it's to heavy to hold while propped up. More serious reading is required. If you love chintz this is the book for you. 

Last but not least i know you all love an update on my little munchkin. This is her last week at Birdland. Oh she loved the penguins, I think if given half the chance she would have been in with them . 

She's Growing like a weed.
Till next time. 

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  1. Your little munchkin is beautiful!! My kids just love penguins too :0) Your projects look lovely! the fussy cutting you've done for the stars is so effective.

  2. Some lovely fussy cutting going on with your stars and the Hunters Star is going to be a lovely addition to your spare room. Abi certainly looks like she is enjoying the penguins.

  3. I enjoyed summer too and was having a hard time getting back to sewing. Abi is so cute! I never tire of the photos and I know how much joy she brings to your family. There's another on the way, right?
    Love the quilts Sue!!

  4. I love Ardco templates too. Great project you have going, love your fabric choices. The star quilt will be awesome for lucky guests. The Birdland adventures look like lots of fun, she is getting to be a big girl. I agree the Chintz book is awesome!

  5. Lovely photo of your "munchkin" with the penguins. Am glad your chintz book arrived - such a good read. And great to see all your stars! Looking forward to seeing the pretty blue one quilted - will be gorgeous on a bed.

  6. love abi's little pink shoes and tights!
    Your stars are lovely, the fussy cutting looks amazing!

  7. Hi Sue, I've noticed your comments on several blogs, and decided it was time for a visit. And much to my pleasure, your current post has STARS!!! My favorite all time quilt block - any kind of star!!! And yours are absolutely lovely!!! I don't know much about Chintz, but the book looks very interesting. And your munchkin is adorable!! What a joy!!


  8. Beautiful quilt! And beautiful munchkin! :)

  9. Your work is divine, such a pretty blog you have, thank you for sharing your talent . Your wee tot...adorable