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Friday, 30 April 2010

My Trip

The Great Smoky Mountains

After flying into Charlotte NC to spend a few days with very old friends I set of on my journey.
First stop was in the Tennessee mountains where I was meeting up with Cindy Blackberg who I originally meet when she lived in Florida.
We had got to know each other when I had my quilt shop and she was originally going to come over to the UK and do a workshop for me here. Well it didn't work out as Cindy moved up to Tennessee that year but we have always kept in touch.
We met for coffee in Townsend and looky looky what I got three of Cindy's stamping kits and the latest BHG quilting magazine with her Honeycomb Stars quilt in it. The apple core stamp is also featured in Jo Morton's book Vintage Journey, Cindy made this quilt for herself and one for Jo also.I also love the spools or Klosje's as they are being referred to on so many blogs. It was such a generous gift for Cindy to give me and now I can really have some handwork to piece while I am sitting with Dick and he decides to doze off, which is often. (Must be my stimulating conversation). Cindy does have all these for sale on her web site and she even does retreat in the smokies.
Have a look

I am going to start dipping into my repro fabric stash and have a go with these lovely stamps, Thanks Cindy.

Till next time.

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  1. Sue, Isn't quilting just the most amazing hobby to have. I am discovering friendships in far off places and indeed closer to home and who knows we too may get to meet. Hope to see those klosjes before too soon.

  2. Lucky You!! Not only were you abkle to get away but meet up with friends and get goodies!! :)
    I think the stamps would be a great investment.

  3. I knew Cindy from when I lived in Florida. She's a wonderful teacher! It's too bad she didn't get to teach at your shop. I hope you get the chance to take a class from her some time.

  4. I am fascinated with those stamp sets. I think they are a great idea and am itching to get the apple core one. Glad you had a great time away.

  5. I took a class from Cindy years ago - it was wonderful! I love that HoneyComb Star quilt!