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Friday, 9 April 2010

Cheltenham Museum Quilts





Last April our local museum in Cheltenham had a day when they showed there collection of quilts. They don't have that many but they are interesting. I as usual forgot to take notes. I am always so taken with the eye candy I can't seem to cope with doing two things at once. I did however take a few pictures and this quilt I do know is dated 1860 and by Jane Pizar.

With all what is going on in the UK with exhibitions this year I do hope the museum will have another day when they bring the quilts out from storage so we can feast the eyes once more and promise next time I will take some notes. Or perhaps I should get someone to take them for me :-)

I love this quilt.
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  1. What a beautiful quilt! How lucky to have it kept locally.

  2. I am currently making a version of this quilt from Karen Cunningham in NSW. Now I will enjoy it even more. Thank you for sharing this treasure

  3. Wow, Sue, what a fantastic quilt and what wonderful workmanship. I am interested in the above comment about the pattern. Looks like I might have to buy it.
    ps. hope hubby is now on the mend and life is easier for you all.

  4. Hi Sue, I have made this quilt. It is on an earlier posting of mine. I didn't do the whole thing as it is huge!! A few years ago now I was going to Cheltenham to see quilt and gave them many weeks notice only to be told I had to give them many months notice. You can imagine my great disappointment!!! The lady said well maybe we could show you a corner of it???? We decided to just skip
    Cheltenham instead. So you are VERY LUCKY to have viewed this quilt. Cheers Sharron

  5. its a beautiful quilt
    oh this is one I would love to reproduce.
    it is amazing!!!!!
    Sue thank you for sharing the pictures.

  6. Wow! Amazing!! How wonderful to be able to see them in person!!

  7. Wonderful quilts. Thank you for sharing the photos of them. I especially like the cicrcular designs.

  8. Thanks for posting these Sue - I think this one is at least as "good" as the one in the V&A exhibit, if not better.

  9. Hi Sue,I'm making this quilt with Karen Cunningham,she has called it Irish Circles..
    How wonderful for you to have seen it,I wish :)

  10. i shall have to go to Cheltenham one day.....Such a lovely quilt.

  11. Hello Sue, thank you for sharing pictures of this delightful quilt. I managed to find a bolt of dimity for the background of this masterpiece. Do you know how big the blocks are? Truly inspiring!

    1. Hello Brigitte, sorry I can't help with the size of the blocks. The museum is still closed for renovations.
      I am desperate to see the quilt again as I want to start making it myself. I want to make it as true to scale as possible as some interpretations I have seen are of a much larger scale.
      I meet and bought your book off you in Nantes last year.

  12. Looks interesting, ill be sure to check it out. Cheltenham tips