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Monday, 3 January 2011

Weak Willed

Just 4 Klosjes

Block 1 Catch Me If You Can
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After a lovely  New Year with friends they have now left me and it's back to normal life, Whatever normal is.

Today was getting back to sewing projects. I kind of made a resolution not to start anything new until other projects on the go were finished but as you can see I have started the new Barbara Brackman Civil War Quilt. Now you know how weak willed  I am .
I kept thinking well its only one block a week I can manage that along with other things. Surely I can !

I went through my collection of fabric and found  some civil war one's to work with
( I say COLLECTION as apparently this is how we should refer to them rather than STASH. ) I like that word  as I didn't feel half as guilty going through it :-)
The 1st block  is called Catch Me If You Can.

I haven't posted Klosjes for a while and have only managed 4- not so good, but I do have lots cut out in the box ready to take to the nursing home to sit and sew whilst DH is fast asleep. I hope I make good progress with these again.

So having taken up the reigns again  let the 2011 sewing season begin.

Happy stitching  to you all in 2011


  1. Two very pretty blocks, Sue.
    Even with other projects started, it's hard to ignore Barbara Brackman's blocks.
    With the amount of money that many of us spend on our fabrics, I feel better talking about my "collection" rather than my stash.
    But either way, isn't the collecting fun?
    Happy stitching to you too in 2011.

  2. That block is just so pretty, I have cut the bits out but haven't pieced them. I don't really like what I am using so may have to cut out another set. Have started a list again as it seems the only way to keep myself in check. Hey Ho!

  3. That is going to be a fun project!! Glad you got the hst fixed:)

  4. Beautiful Sue, glad you got the hst fixed.

    Bless those little seam rippers ---they are just about the best notion a quilter could have!

    Carolyn :)