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Monday, 14 February 2011


My beautiful roses

Two  Quilted Hearts
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When you have someone that loves you and you have someone to love back it is a wonderful thing.
Although DH doesn't know what day it is I have a wonderful son and future DIL that do. Today my son arrived at the nursing home whilst I was visiting DH with these gorgeous roses from him and Emily. I cried as it really means so much to me that they care. I am blessed indeed.

As it is Valentines day thought you would enjoy the quilted hearts.

On a sentimental note I am going to leave you with the poem my friend wrote.

She wrote
Dearest friend I wrote this early this morning, very early and it came to me for you.
A Poem for Sue from Dick called.
Misty Horizons
I know I'm changing deep inside, I also know I cannot hide
I draw around my precious tool, perhaps by this the enemy for a while will be bound
I look at you when you don't see and I know you will look after me
We've shared a life, husband and wife, sometimes joy and sometimes strife
The mist is falling a little each day believe me my darling I don't want to go away
I ache for you for what must be, but remember this always you're the world to me
Thank you for holding my hand
I don't choose to ask you to understand
I am still here and I always know that through the misty horizons I love you so.

She then added - I hope this doesn't make you cry.
Well of course it gets me every time, but what a wonderful gift this poem is.
Linda you are a wonderful, thoughtful caring friend.

I think this  poem is for everyone touched by Alzheimer's

Happy Valentines to all those who will not hear it from a loved one.


  1. Hello Sue,
    Just to let you know: I just updated my blog with the give away I won at your place.

  2. Your blog today reminds me to count my blessings.
    Happy Valentine's Day Sue XXX

  3. Oh Sue, what a tearjerker but such a lovely poem. Your son must be as wonderful as you!!

  4. Beautiful poem Sue and what a special son you have. I'm pleased you got flowers for Valentine's Day.

  5. Oh Sue, I am just sitting here in front of the computer and crying......Beautiful roses and very pretty hearts:)
    Thank you very much for all your comments:))

  6. Happy Valentine! Your hearts are so beautiful! Have a nice day and enjoy your life! Greetings with love and Frienschip ....Carine -Bruges/Belgiium

  7. What a beautiful post Sue and it certainly got the tears going - I couldn't stop thinking of my wonderful Mother who went the way of Alzheimers. How wonderful of your son to make Valentine's Day special for you. Take care.

  8. What a gift that poem is. It is a tear jerker, but in a good way, just lovely.
    The roses are stunning and I like the holder for the hearts, very pretty.

  9. What lovely roses, and how thoughtful. Steph and I have each got two thoughtful daughters. It is sometimes easy to forget how much that means. x

  10. Sue, the poem is a gift, and so is that dear friend. I've tears too. Alzheimer is a terrible thief. I'm happy for you that your son and future DIL are there to be with you through these difficult times.
    Thinking of you across the miles. ~ Sarah

  11. I'm lost for words...tears dripping on my laptop...and sending lots of e-hugs to you and your "big guy" is is wonderful!