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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Does This Count As Red And White

Does this count as red and white? I bought these pre-embroiderd blocks on ebay about 7 years ago. When I was sizing them up I snipped through one of the blocks and thank goodness my dear friend Linda came to the rescue and re-made the block on her Bernina machine with the embroidery unit. I can always spot the odd one as the muslin we used was just a tad lighter. I expect one day someone will be looking at it and saying WHY DID SHE DO THAT just like we do when we spot and odd thing in an old quilt.

BLOCK 10 Lincolns Platform
I have completed my Block 10 of the Civil War quilt.

See I do other things apart from sew
This is just letting you know I do other things apart from SEW.
Richard my gardener came today and we had a good day tidying up . He comes 1 day a month at this time of year . We have lots to do as I am opening the garden along with several other gardens in the village for The RED CROSS in June.
It really concentrates the mind and I find it pushes me to go out in all weathers to get things looking good for the summer. Next month we are setting about clearing 2 ponds that have become completely overgrown. That will be a fun mucky job but for now the spring garden is looking good with all the Hellebore's and Snowdrops out and the daffodils just coming into bud.
With all this squatting down I have been doing today my legs and back will be feeling it in the morning so its a soak in the bath for me now.
Hellebore's - Snowdrops and Daphne Mezereum Rubra
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  1. That most defintely counts as a red and white quilt Sue and just a little puzzle to leave behind for someone to ponder. Your garden is just so beautiful and love the colours of the hellebores. Hope you don't ache too much.
    Love Shirley.x

  2. Some of my favorite memories of my three short years in England are going on the Garden Tours. I'm sure yours will be lovely!

    I would definitely count that as a red and white...but I like embroidered quilts!

  3. Sure looks like red & white to me. Fits right in with the theme going around Blogland right now.

  4. Your garden will be fabulous! it looks big enough to enlist some help.

    I really think you need to make a red and white quilt this year. I'd say the redwork counts:)

  5. I just love red and white stitchery quilts and this one certainly fits the bill. You seem to have a lot of garden to look after and I bet it will look superb in June. Great block 10. Take care.

  6. You have me chuckling as I imagine the future viewers of your quilt pondering why one block is odd. And, as usual, it's just one. I envy your gardening ability. If I even glance at a plant in my yard it goes all scraggly and droops.

  7. Your gardens look gorgeous - more more please!
    Love your new CW block.
    And yes, definitely it counts as red and white! It's wonderful too

  8. Very prety, yes, red and white quilt:)And I like the fabrics in your latest block.
    But I just looove your garden!!!

  9. That most definitely is a red and white quilt. I'm trying to spot the different muslin block, but I can't tell from the photo.
    Pretty fabrics together in your CW block. The center is lovely with the flowers.
    I adore seeing others' homes and gardens. It's such a wonderful way to become acquainted with our quilting friends through a different venue--like seeing you in your garden. The flowers are so abundant and beautiful! The stacked rock wall behind you -- is that your creation?