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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Garden day 2







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Big Big apologies to you all who have left comments that I have not replied to. I have been so busy with lots of other things on my mind like a NEW HOUSE.

More about that later on but just posting the next lot of photos of the garden. This is the herbaceous garden and is full of roses, delphiniums, geraniums and lots of other cottage garden plants. I love walking around here in the evening the smell from the roses is just wonderful.
Just had to post the one of Mery being very good and sitting for the photo shoot.

Well you know I went to the hairdressers ten days ago and was a little early so called in to the estate agents to see if he had anything new on the market. Well he did but it was new and I don't do new. He persuaded me to go and meet him after the hairdressers . He said indulge me I know you will love it.
Well I did and do and as of last Monday have bought a very contemporary house that I am ready to embrace on this new journey of mine.

My mind is full of what I can do with a very very much smaller garden. At first I thought the garden to small but on reflection I have to think this girl is getting a bit old in the tooth for a large garden now and as they say small is beautiful.

New furnishing to be thought about and a whole new way of living is in store for me. So you could say I went to the hairdressers and bought a house.

You know I might be able to get back to the sewing sooner than I think as at last for the first time ever I am going to have a designated sewing room.

Hope you are all still stitching out there.


  1. Wishing you all the best in your new house. How lovely to have a new place to arrange and make your own. Enjoy your sewing room, and your new garden too.Hope you have taken lots of cuttings.

  2. Sue, it sounds like some exciting new adventures are in your future. Sometimes it's good for big changes. I know you will create a charming home and garden in this new abode. Can't wait to see photos.
    All the best ~ Sarah
    Any chance we'll see you in France for the QCI Meeting?

  3. Your garden looks fabulous, straight out of a garden book!! Good luck in your new home and for your new sewingroom:))

  4. Fantastic!!! Mine is still a work in progress...come help me!

  5. You go girl and just jolly well have some fun.

  6. Congratulations! I didn't think I would ever go with a new-build either but there is a lot to be said for even floors, large closets and easy step-in showers...not to mention lots of electrical outlets!

    Your garden looks wonderful...your new one will too!

  7. lovely garden photos!! and Mery is such a good pup! I love seeing the delphinium. Blue is one of my favorite garden colors.
    Wow, you really have a lot of "new" in store. Knowing you, it will all be lovely.

  8. Congratulation on your new house, Sue! That is my kind of shopping, LOL! Your garden really is lovely, but you have green fingers and so you will create something good in your new home. It must be exiting, all that planning. I know what you mean about new houses, but it is a blank canvas to get creative on!

  9. Your own sewing space?! Yahoo!! Going from very traditional to modern is going to be a change, but one I'm sure you'll do with lots of style and grace.
    Your gardens are lovely!!

  10. Oh my, Sue! What a change, and so exciting! Is the new place in roughly the same area you are in now?? I can't wait to read all about it. Your gardens are more beautiful every year.

  11. Thank you for sharing more photos of your outstanding gardens. And such enjoyment you'll have creating new outdoor space at your new home. Such an adventure this will be for you--the door opening on your future. You're stepping through that door so quickly, and you will definitely do it with style.

  12. How exciting! I like decisiveness! That will be wonderful having a designated sewing room. Your garden is so beautiful and what a good pup! A smaller garden will be so much easier to take care of and, I'm sure, just as beautiful.

  13. Good for you Sue! I have been thinking of you and your house hunting. And a big WOW regarding your garden. Absolutely beautiful. That will be difficult to leave, I am sure. But you have a great attitude about moving on, and hey, a new sewing room will be great!

  14. I am so happy for you.
    I hope the next house we buy has beautiful gardens like this.
    I never was much interested in gardens before but now that the kids are grown I want to learn more and have beautiful gardens to enjoy most of the year. Being able to cut fresh flowers is on top of my list too!
    Your gardens are amazing, just beautiful love all the colors I am so impressed So happy I think your going to love your new home and all that it brings to you
    a new start is good sometimes!

  15. doing some catch up reading and see you have new digs!!! way to go..... you are going to be very happy with a small garden.... as you will only put the things you love in it and it will not take days and days of your time to maintain.... and yet you still have some dirt! and I do hope some roses..... if there is time or if a friend offers take cuttings with you to root etc. Very impressed that you are moving through the sort it out, move it out stage... lots of work and lots of decissions..... onward!