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Friday, 17 June 2011

Red Cross Gardens


Driveway Entrance

Pathway down to the front door

The White Garden

My Cottage Front Door

9 Klosjes

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Well the open garden day on Sunday was a total wash out. The worst rain we have had this year. Some brave hardened garden lovers came and were rewarded with wonderful tea and cakes after there visit around the nine gardens. Total sum raised on the day was 450.00 which is about a 1/4 of what we normally take.

As this is my last summer in this house and garden I will give you a little garden tour over the next few post's .

The first lot is of the drive way and entrance into what I always call the white garden. Well it is mainly green but the only colour that comes into play in this area is white.

As the sewing machine is tucked away now I am just managing hand sewing a few Klosjes between sorting out cupboards and taking heap loads of clothes and objects to the charity shop.I am also still out there looking for that allusive house to buy.

The men at the local tip are getting to know me rather too well- I arrived one day with 2 dead mowers, 2 dead strimmers and countless broken garden tools. They now call me the women who kills mowers!



  1. We have been wanting rain for so long but then it arrives in bucket loads when you don't want it to. Your garden looks so pretty Sue. The new owner is going to have such a treasure and think what a thrill she is going to have as each season unfolds. Keep going with the klosjes.
    Love Shirley.x

  2. So sorry your last open garden was washed out, but good for those hardy souls who ventured out in the rain! Just a shame the fundraising was affected. We have had an inordinate amount of rain too in Sydney, pretty sick of it really. Your handpiecing is looking lovely!

  3. Oh Sue I'm sorry about the rain and your open day but well done those hardy visitors - I remember doing similar! Grin! Your garden is picture perfect!

    And your Klosjes are just gorgeous!

  4. I love the photos of your garden and we can enjoy them- aint no rain on the internet! LOL

  5. Sue, too sad about all that rain, what a shame, but maybe the new owner will think about taking up the cause for the next ensuing years. The white garden is dreamy and soothing from what I see in your photo's, cannot wait for more pictures of the rest.
    I know it will be with heavy heart when at last you leave your fairyland gardens, the pictures shared so far are breathtaking. I too left my dream home and with a heavy heart I didn't look back only ahead to another new adventure, I hope your numbered days there will be filled with contentment and the future as good as possibly it can be.

  6. Sue, what a delightful garden and cottage. I wish I could have visited when I was there for the QCI meeting. Thanks for sharing. Sorry that Sunday was raining. Lucky new owners! The garden will be magic for them with each new season. ~ Sarah

  7. Very pretty garden, looking forward to the photo tour. I thought I would miss my big gardens and flowers more. I'm finding the little yard just about right.
    Your hand piecing is lovely!

  8. I'm sorry to hear the rain didn't stay away for your garden tour. Your gardens look like something out of a storybook. Made me wish I could just step through the computer screen into them! They're so verdant and charming.

  9. Rainy garden well I remember those! Sorry it happened though...your white garden looks wonderful though...

  10. I should imagine that it is going to be a little bit hard to leave a such lovely place :(

  11. What a lovely cottage and garden you have Sue. I was up in sunny Northumberland thinking how wonderful that my left behind garden was getting a nice soaking. I selfishly didn't think of Garden Open Days - so sorry! Hoping to visit some in the Cotswolds next Sunday though - fingers crossed! Good luck with the house hunting - scary business! Look forward to seeing more pictures.

  12. Oh my gosh, I love your house and garden! It is charming! So sorry about the rain. You just can't count on the weather.

  13. Your gardens and home are lovely, Sue. Looking forward to more photos.
    How rude of the weatherman to be so uncooperative. When a tour is for such a good cause, that's all the more disappointing.

  14. J'admire votre jardin, il est vraiment magnifique.
    Désolée que la pluie ait gâché votre fin de semaine. Je suis impatiente de voir les prochaines photographies.
    Bien Amicalement

  15. Gorgeous house and now I realise why your garden is to be viewed by us gardeners, just had a look on your latest post, fabulous.