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Monday, 24 October 2011

A Gift of Quilts

My timing is completely out of sync. It's 4am in the morning and my body is telling me it's 9am and I should be up and out walking the dog. But here I am propped up in bed playing with the iPad.
Whilst playing around I took a look at the A Gift of Quilts site. Here.
This is a changing gallery view of some of the quilts that have been made to give to the teams who are participating in the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London.

To my surprise their is my quilt made as a gift for a team. It's no 102 when you scroll down.I can't quite remember what I called it . I think it was STARS FOR STARS and I am wondering what country might get it.

Their is going to be an exhibition of all 500 quilts next March in London and apparently a book is going to be available with photographs of all of them.

My Pumpkin Patchers and my local Shipton Quilters quilt group have also made one. I need to keep my eye on the sight to see if those pictures get posted in the gallery between now and next March.

I think I need to try to get some beauty sleep now LOL so I am going to switch off and try to get the old body of mine in US of A time.



  1. hope you were able to fall back to sleep!
    Please keep us posted on that book, sounds like one I would love to own.

  2. First couple of days are always tough...take it easy. The quilts for the Olympics are very exciting! Can't believe it is next year...

  3. Looked up your quilt - beautiful and generous gift!
    A great project to participate in, thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Sue,
    hope you managed to get a bit of shuteye after all.
    Off to look at all the quilts now.

  5. Hi Sue, looking forward to your Houston postings - have linked your blog to mine. Lovely staying with you last week.

  6. It's a difficult time change. I hope you will soon be adjusted and having a marvelous time on your trip!!