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Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Little Shopping Going On

Well I am settling Into my trip and as you can see a little bit of retail therapy has been going on.
It really isn't all for me - have you forgotten that baby bump is on it's way.

This is going to be one spoilt baby.

Don't worry I haven't forgotten I need space for my purchases's this little lot is being shipped home!

I have bribed Rodger with dinner followed by soft ice-cream to drive me out to Gastonia to Mary Jo's on Saturday. I hope he doesen't realize how long a women can take in a fabric shop. It might cost me two big ice creams.

P.S sorry for how the first photo is displayed. Not quite got the hang of posting through iPad.


  1. This baby is going to be on the best dressed list for sure! Enjoy MJ's! If you have a little bit of time (and energy) there is a thread place about a mile away that is equally awesome. The folks at MJ's can give you directions...

  2. It looks like you dove right into your retail therapy. I hope the weather is good in North Carolina and look forward to meeting you in person in Houston.

  3. I hope you will show and tell just what is in those bags. Looks like you are having a great time.