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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bad Blogger

Yes, very bad blogger I am.

Let me apologise to all of you who leave me lovely comments and I haven't responded to them. I will try to do better in 2012. I just I really seem to have lost my mojo.

That said I have had an outing to Cowslip Workshops for the Christmas Fair.

My Pic Sue and I  decided to rent a cottage in Cornwall for a couple of nights and immerse ourselves in this wonderful event.
Channel Four were filming there for Kirstie Allsopp's Christmas programme's. Their was a real buzz about the place and of course we were delighted to see Petra from Holland and Mary and Joe all the way from Pennsylvania . They had delicious things for sale along with lots more craft people selling their wares.
Did I buy anything- YES i did. I bought a wooden french sledge. What is she going to do with that your asking? Well I am going to put it round the base of the Christmas tree ladened with presents.

Petra and Mary looking very happy
Sneaked a picture with Kirstie.

Parking for the fair was in one of Stevens and Jo's fields and of course someone always has to get stuck in the mud and this year it was me . Steven came to the rescue with the tractor and had me on my way in a blink of an eye. Thanks Steven.

I am working on getting a bit more of the house sorted and took a little trip to Ikea and bought a cabinet to hold some of my quilts.

The only sewing that is going on here is for curtains for my son. They have been doing some work on there house too and are really nesting for the baby's arrival in January.
Baby bump is coming on very well as you can see from the picture - 6 Weeks and counting!

Happy Stitching


  1. Lovely to catch up with you, glad help was at hand to drag you from the mud!

  2. Your stacked quilts are wonderful to look at.

  3. Good to hear from you Sue. Only 6 weeks until baby arrives?! You must be getting excited.
    Happy Holidays to you, friend.

  4. That sounds like a great outing - hello to PIC too.
    LOVE the cupboard - filled with treasure of the quilty kind.
    The six weeks will zip by.
    Here's to a New Year with new beginnings!

  5. I hope you get your quilting mojo back soon. Just looking at your cupboard full of beautiful quilts inspired me :0) How exciting January will be!!

  6. It was busy the day we went to Cowslip but I believe it was manic the day you went. I am just settling ready to watch Kirstie on the tv tonight. How lovely Emily looks and how exciting - 6 weeks to go.

  7. I'm sure once you are more settled in the new house your mojo will be back. A cupboard full of beautiful quilts will help inspire you too.

  8. Lovely cupboard, filled with goodies I'd just love to unfold and admire, one by one.
    No apologizes about not blogging. No regrets. No explanations necessary. When you have the time, you will.
    Seasons greetings from a few time zones to the west. :)