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Friday, 23 December 2011

Brief Encounter

Yes, We had a brief encounter with Ricky Tims, Justin and their friend Suzanne ( sorry if I have your name wrong) but it really was a very quick meet at Oxford station today.

Alex Anderson left a message on the  last week to say Ricky was on a private vacation to the UK but would be happy to meet quilt show members along the way and then gave his itinerary of where he was going to be travelling whilst here.

He lets members know when he is travelling throughout the USA and they get back to him and are usually hanging off bridges with their quilts for him to photograph.
No hanging off bridges for my partner in crime  and myself today . We meet and had a nice chat with him at the railway station and he photographed us with our quilts outside the station much to the amazment of  other passengers   It was a mad thing to do but we had a bit of a giggle about it.

He will post our  photos up when he's back home in about a weeks time,  but meanwhile here are ours.

A happy meeting with Ricky Tims

Also the cabinet makers finished work at my house last night and curtains are up . Its has the beginnings of looking like a home in the sitting room. Still cushions to make lamps to buy but it is coming together. I love my window seat they have made. A nice cushion to go on here and I will have a nice little nook to sit and read in.

Have only managed a few decorations this year. I decided to keep it simple with all that's been going on but I have the tree up and the sledge I spoke about in a previous post is now piled with presents.

My french sledge purchased at the Christmas Fair

My mantle decorated for Chrismas

The new TV cabinet  and curtains

Loving my window seat. with its pull drawer

This has to -say the least been  the most difficult year of my life and want to thank all my faithful  followers for sticking with me and sending the most heartfelt messages when my DH passed away in August.

 January 2012 will bring forth my first grandchild and something to remain positive about -So here's wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and wonderful productive sewing year.



  1. How fun that you met up with Ricky! I think you new house looks wonderful...Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  2. Thank you PIC, you are the best! Thank you for the fun we had today, madly dashing into Oxford, whipping our quilts out, saying hi to Ricky, Justin and Suzanne - all in the most appalling weather. Mad!
    May your 2012 be filled with plenty of fun times with family and friends and a whole pile of wonderful new adventures. Much Love, Sue X

  3. Merry Christmas to you Sue and here is wishing that 2012 is kind to you. Congratulations on the upcoming birth our your grandchild.

  4. The house looks festive and great. It must have been fun to meet Ricky. You handled 2011 with grace and dignity. Here's to a 2012 of fun and lots of quilting.

  5. Cool to meet up with quilty peeps! Lovely house! The window seat looks like it could do with a comfy seat cushion - is that in the pipeline?

    Well done for getting through a really tough year and how wonderful that a new life is coming into your family....more making opportunities???

  6. What a fun encounter! I love the sleigh that is just wonderful! Oh I love the way your home is coming together, that big comfy chair by the window hope it invites you to sit and applique/quilt often!
    I wish you the best for 2012 and congrats on a grandchild...nothing better.

  7. What fun, I've heard Ricky is super nice.
    Your house looks so inviting and lovely! I can just see myself enjoying a cup of tea and taking the beautify.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and congratulations on the new grandbaby

  8. What a fun thing to do and I love the way your house is developing. Happy Christmas.

  9. Have a wonderful Christmas, my thoughts are with you I know this year has been tough but as you say next year brings a new grandchild you better get busy and start making some quilts to welcome him or her. Greetings from a warm and sunny Sydney

  10. I can't imagine everythign you have been through this year, good and bad. Love the photo of you, Sue and Ricky. I had no idea he broadcasts that way.

    Your home is very lovely and looks so festive. Merry Christmas from my home to yours.

  11. What great fun for you and Sue to meet Ricky Tims. I spotted you twice on Kirstie's Homemade Christmas the other night and it all looked like fun. Your home is looking great Sue and with a new baby it will soon be filled with love and new memories. Here is to a much happier 2012 for both of us. May we get to meet up again soon.
    Much love to you.

  12. Interesting! I didn't know he did that. Fun!
    Your home looks lovely.
    Best wishes for 2012. Sounds promising with a grandchild on the way.

  13. What a fun thing to do, Sue! Your home is really looking good, and I know it's a comfort to you to be able to cross some of those things off your list. Congrats on the coming grandchild!

  14. I know how difficult the first Christmas first husband died 11 years ago. It is good to see that you have carried on, your home looks wonderful...sometimes simple is good. Looking forward to seeing pictures when the new grandbaby arrives! It is bittersweet, but life does go on...May you have a blessed New Year!