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Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Bit Of This And That

Not to much going on in the way of sewing , but thought you might like a bit of eye candy.
This small quilt was made some years ago and really like the fabric I chose for this . A nice flowery vintage feel to it..
Rosemary made an amazing job of quilting it with lovely feathers which brings the whole thing to life.

Back of quilt
Also have been doing a bit of stamping up of fabric and now have another nine Klosjes to add to pile. I still have a long way to go before this is a full size quilt so decided I had better keep at it!

9 more Klosjes
Our quilt group has just started making blocks for out next charity fund raising quilt and have made two block for this .

Two block for the Charity Quilt

Big apologies to everyone that leaves me comments. For some reason blogger has been playing up badly for me and not letting me get back to you.
I do appreciate your comment so thanks and I will be persevering with blogger. Is anyone else having the same problem.?

Until next time.


  1. You say that not much is going on but you seem pretty busy, with these projects, to me!
    Love the word klosjes, what does it mean?

  2. Sue its amazing how the odd block here and there eventually adds up and I love your flowery vintage quilt. I had a lot of problems with comments and then I changed my settings so that I now approve my comments first and that means I receive them in an email which I can reply to. Take care.

  3. The first quilt is a beauty in an English cottage type of way. Lovely quilting too!!
    Nice to see you piecing a little and getting a few stitches in here and there. Take care of yourself.

  4. Very pretty little quilt - I love the feathers too :0) I like the blocks for the fund raising quilt as well. You'll have to post a picture once the top is together with everyone else's blocks.

  5. Sweet quilt, I love the front and the back. Not much beats pretty feather quilting!
    Lovely blocks.

  6. Beautiful quilt, Sue, I love the fabric :)
    I went through a spell of blogger problems, it sorted itself out in the end. Just keep trying :)

  7. I like your small quilt and it does look very vintage. Your machine quilter did a wonderful job. I love quilted feathers and it adds to the vintage feel of the quilt. Blogger does give me fits now and again.

  8. Sue, that quilt is exquisite. I love the soft colors and beautiful feather quilting.
    Enjoy your weekend. ~ Sarah

  9. Blogger can be such a pain in the backside some days, that's for sure.
    You have an adventuresome plan for your little Klosjes, but as long as you work on them steadily, that's progress indeed. I'm lost if I don't have a pick-up-and-go project. I'm sure your Klosjes are just that for you.

    Rosemary's quilting is just lovely on the pretty fabrics you used.

  10. Your blog is very nice

    lovely quilt!