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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

All types of Everything

Have received my copy of Civil War Quilts and it is full of wonderful quilts and project's and am really glad I bought it.

Seem to be back on my Prickly Stars again and have another 3 to add to the pile.

My mojo is slowly coming back and am enjoying going through my fabrics even if it's just stroking them and imagining what I could be doing with them LOL. Spring is really on it's way here now and have started booking a few trips and days out. The first one is this weekend to London to the Stitch and Craft at Olympia, London. The main reason for going is that the 500 Olympic Games quilts will be hanging for all to see before they go of to the recipient's of each country . will post photos of these next week.
I couldn't go without given you a little sneak peak of how Abigail is doing. 7 weeks old already and given us all the run around.


  1. What a precious babe! I can see intelligence and a wonderful sense of humor already.
    Love the prickly stars! I'm working up my courage to start my own. Is this another name for feathered stars or is there a difference I'm not seeing?
    I keep hearing about this book. It is definitely on my list.
    Enjoy the show. I look forward to the photos. I'm going to the AQS Lancaster show tomorrow. Hope I can take photos, too.

  2. Hello Sue:
    How intriguing to have a book illustrating quilts, we assume, from the Civil War period. Great fun as, we are certain, will be your forthcoming trip to Olympia this weekend.

    Tomorrow [Thursday] is a National Holiday here and, because of it, there are various events organized over the coming weekend including a food festival at Visegrád on the Danube bend to which friends are taking us. So, you will be in London, we on the borders of Slovakia!!

  3. Love your blocks.
    She is gorgeous !

  4. Sorry transfixed by baby photo!

  5. Love your stars!! One of my favorite blocks.

  6. Your prickly stars looks great...and your grandbaby is adorable! Enjoy your visit up to London!

  7. Lovely blocks and what a gorgeous little darling and what a joy she must be. Just received our copy of the CW book and looking forward to having a look. Take care.

  8. Hello Sue
    As a London newbie I was thinking of going to the Olympia show but don't know much about it. Is it worth it??
    Would appreciate your opinion.

  9. Beautiful blocks Sue!! I'm so happy you have planned a few outings- sounds like fun!!
    Abigail is the sweetest! Love that look on her face.

  10. My copy of the new book also just arrived. Like your blocks and
    grandbaby is darling.

  11. Your prickly stars blocks are lovely! Little Abigail looks so sweet. I bet she brings lots of joy into her world :0) Your outing to London sounds like fun - enjoy!

  12. Abigail is a sweetie, just gorgeous.
    Your quilt pieces are amazing,too.
    Have fun in London, look forward to seeing the pix.

  13. Hello Grandma, what a gorgeous baby you have there. I want a cuddle. Enjoy the trip to London and I have heard favourable reports on that book so something else to enjoy. Great blocks.

  14. Abigail is as beautiful as her name. What a sweetie!
    Enjoy that new book. I'm having a great time with mine, though I haven't quite read it cover-to-cover yet.
    Your prickly stars are beautiful. One of these days, feathered stars will be at the top of my to-do list, but not quite yet. I'll just have to be satisfied looking at yours.

  15. OMg she is adorable, just look at her, there is nothing better then babies.
    great star blocks, oh I just received that book last week too
    haven't read it yet but will soon.

  16. Your feathered stars are lovely! I love the fabrics.
    Okay, this is the 3rd post I've seen on this book. Hoping I'll find it at the quilt show tomorrow.
    keep those cute baby photos coming!
    Princess Abigail - long may she rein!

  17. Ahhh, Abigail is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her with us :)