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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Vanessa Abuthnott

What is it about fabric. Quilting or furnishing I just can't help myself when I see any type of it.
Last weekend Vanessa Abuthnott had her lovely fabric sale and I adore her fabrics. She only buys certified organic cotton which is combined with eco-friendly flax to create her unique linen union.
Vanessa Abuthnott
I'm still working at making my house a home and have used her fabric in my sitting room for curtains and cushions.

I bought some lovely remnants from her last weekend and in due course be making more cushions and soft furnishing for the house.

It's a year this weekend that I moved here and you would think by now I would be nearly there but some areas I'm not completely happy with and have now changed my mind on my bedroom.
I found myself buying some of Vanessa new Swedish range to make blinds, headboard and fabric to cover a stool and chair.
Am I glad I hadn't started a new quilt for my bed as the colours have now changed.

Once again this isn't a quilty post but I know how you all love fabric.

So this is what I have chosen for my bedroom and as Shirley at said a girls allowed to change her mind.


  1. I love Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics, they are such soft colours and I am sure you have made a good choice. I am liking the soft grey/green combo in one of the pics. A girl is allowed to change her mind.

  2. A girl is definitely allowed to change her mind! Your fabric choices are yummy. Look forward to seeing the end result.
    Oh, those photos of Miss A are too cute! She has the cutest smile!!! ~ Sarah

  3. I see why you couldn't resist. Love the soft colors. Hope you share some pics when you are finished decorating.

  4. How right you are, Sue. Fabric is fabric, and we quilters love it all, no matter what the purpose and how it's used. I love the subtle designs and colors of this designer's fabric.
    Time has flown quickly. I didn't realize you're approaching a year already in your new home.

  5. Hello Sue:
    As you know, we cannot even thread a needle. But that does not prevent us lusting after wonderful material such as you show here.

  6. Pretty fabrics - love your color choices. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the rems.

  7. Looks like some gorgeous fabric to decorate with Sue!! Some things cannot be rushed, including decorating your home!!

  8. These are lovely- they have a french feel abouit them don't you think. Great stuff

  9. I love the fabrics, thanks for sharing the link, I have ordered samples!
    It is hard to believe that it has been a year since your move?!
    Here it's to the first year, Sue!

  10. Love your new choice of fabrics, the colours and patterns are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the room when it's finished.